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3 Responses to “INFAMOUS PANDA:”

  1. jniml4 says:

    George looks like a George-impersonator!

  2. Jennifer says:

    The girl in the left is my mum. The story is that they didn’t have tickets to see the Beatles in Manchester so they bought the panda and went to the back door of the venue, and asked to give it to the boys in person, but someone just took the panda and shut the door in their faces. So they marched off to the local papers and told them the story. A reporter went back to the concert with them and not only did they get to give the panda in person and have a photo shoot with them, but they got free tickets to the concert too. Needless to say they were in a bit of trouble in school the next day when their photos were all over the front page of the newspaper. Would love to know where that panda is now??

  3. Tammy says:

    I think the panda was photographed as late as 1967 in John’s home Kenwood.

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