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  1. Lizzie says:


  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Are these screen captures?
    Which performance?
    Super clean frames.
    Thank you!

  3. Keith Bratley says:

    Granada TV miming to This Boy and I Want To Hold Your Hand Autumn 1963.
    This might also be the episode with that Ken Dodd interview.
    These are all available and thankfully not wiped.

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    @Keith Bratley…
    I appreciate the info. I guess there was no industry standard. The technique used here must have been too much work for most accountants. Ridiculous is the knowledge that it could have all been this clean but there was no justification for the extra expense. Whatever…

  5. Vitaliy says:

    These are not screen captures. They are photographs by from Rex Features archives and were taken by Dezo Hoffman I suppose.

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