I like driving in my car.

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  1. stephenmcg says:

    Shipped/freighted out to spain,well he didnt drive over via a ferry did he,on the wrong side of the road,with that eyesight,on those (censored),risky!

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Rolls Royce’s most horrific endorsement…
    (The off-road Phantom-Quatro)

  3. Nick_L says:

    There is a fantastic Spanish film called “Living is easy (with eyes closed) which is about a teacher’s quest to meet John on the set of How I Won The War. It’s more about the journey and the people he meets along the way but the pay off is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Lizzie says:

    OH MISS TAMMY, you just took my breath away with these photos!!!!! I am translating a website for an oil and gas company but I drifted away (drifting away is my middle name… I need to FOCUS!) to see if there was anything new here and I haven’t even seen the other photos but these are just AMAZING! I LOVE the way John looks in HIWTW!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  5. Keith Bratley says:

    I’m going to track down that film, thanks Nick.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    Right string…wrong yo-yo.
    To this day…this film is an abomination.
    In spite of the lineage…there is no way to understand why Lennon and Lester saw this through. Even if it was fun to make and fully funded…nothing about it redeems the effort. What was the problem? The cast knew this is a dud as they filmed. It even looks like they might be worried about ruining whatever was left of their respective careers. Only John seems above it. But not enough to stop the truth. Gripweed? His name should have been Mumbles. Any advances in cinematography Lester may have inspired or stumbled upon from AHDN and HELP, they seem non-existent, here. They don’t even make movies this badly in Hollywood.
    Send your MBE back and tell her it’s because Dick Lester is slipping down the finesse…AND, because there’s no good marijuana in Spain.

  7. debjorgo says:

    How I Won the War is worth seeing if just for John’s death scene, in the field sprayed in bullets. “You knew this would happen, didn’t you?”

    Spooky, spooky scene in hindsight.

  8. Cara says:

    @Nick – Yes, I recently saw the film and also enjoyed it immensely. I loved his interpretation of Help!

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Maybe there is good marijuana in Spain.
    I still wonder how the two spinsters from HELP were supposed to add to the proceedings. I was really bummed when they didn’t recite the lines from HELP. Why not film the whole thing at Lesterhenge on the Salisbury ‘Plain’.
    Helpocalypse NOW!

  10. I too enjoyed HIWTW and recommend it to those who havent seen it

  11. Kwai Chang says:

    Well, I wanted to enjoy it. I’ve watched it twice.
    John didn’t fail(quite the opposite)…
    Lester did.

  12. mcarp555 says:

    Kwai, I have to say I’m in perfect agreement with you. I’ve seen HIWTW several times (but not in a looong time), and found it nearly unwatchable. It’s like the bad parts from ‘Magic Christian’ and ‘Wonderwall’ all stuck together. A lot of British cinema in the mid to late 60’s is a medium struggling to find meaning (except for Hammer, who knew all you need is Chris Lee and underdressed babes covered in blood).

  13. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you.
    I have tried to be fair about Dick Lester. I love what he did for our group. He may have not even realized that he was putting far to much hope in the Power Of Beatle. I don’t think all four Beatles could have saved the movie. They would have all been wounded for life.
    Let’s not over look the charm of an unhappy, exhausted, lonely Lennon…the husband, the father, the Beatle, the actor. His enthusiasm is obviously genuine. That he felt this loyalty to Lester is to be admired…but, his participation at all speaks volumes about the mask worn by Gripweed.

  14. Tammy says:

    I find HIWTW unwatchable as well, and i absolutely cannot watch the death scene.

    But, knowing Miss Lizzies penchant for all things John from this movie, i’ve found one or two other great pics from the movie i’ll post soon.

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    Breaking News:
    It wasn’t a film at all…
    but, merely an elaborate therapy session.
    (A War Of One)

  16. Lizzie says:

    I just saw this… THANK YOU Miss Tammy! I know I will enjoy seeing “new”photos! I do love John in that movie. I don’t even think it’s that bad. Lotd of British humor, as one of you said. I haven’t watched it in years.

  17. kavada says:

    I wrote wrong; I meant the same number… FJB 111C

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