Paul was recently presented with a new Hofner bass, i think it was #1 of a limited edition, how many does he need!!??

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  1. Adam from Canberra says:

    Interesting that the layout of Paul’s new Hofner is like the 1961 Hofner with the pickups both near the neck.

    His 1963 Hofner (his most famous and well used variant) has one pickup near the neck and the other near the bridge.

  2. Dynabeat Tim says:

    He only has 1, besides this new one as far as been seen. The one he uses since late 63. The first one (now known as the cavern bass) had 2 pickups close together. It had new pickups added around 64 and apparently was stolen around 69. (it can be seen in some shots of the Get Back outakes ). He removed his pickguard around 66 from his 2nd bass. (this was the one that was used on Ed Sullivan, etc.) and this was the one brought of retirement round 89 for that tour and lp. Its nice to see he’s getting a new one !

  3. he has a lot more than just one. other than the first Cavern model he had as a backup to the main one he uses, he has always had another ’63 model that basically looks the same but just with some very minor differences.

    As of a year or so ago, it was counted that he had roughly 6 different Hofs, which include the two 63’s and a couple of newer re-issues. Also, from what I know he is finally having a clone made up of his main 63 bass minus the battle scars. I THINK he also has another clone of it too, with the aforementioned scars..that one was only given to him within the last year or two tops.

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