Hot off the presses.


A little known fact, Rotogravure is Miss Tammy’s favorite solo album by Ringo.

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  1. Thanks Tammy, this is a fave of mine too. Thought the tracks on this album were as good or better than most of the stuff on Wings’ ATSOS from the same year.

    Great album gatefold idea btw – everyone is stuffing their face with food. Hell why not.

    The lawsuit George laid on Ringo over I’ll Still Love You? Wow.

  2. Tammy says:

    I still think the lawsuit may have been for ‘Wrack my brain’. Whenever this lawsuit is mentioned it’s pointed out George wasn’t happy with a mix. No alternate mix I’ll still love you exists, but there is a variation of a mix done of ‘Wrack my brain’. This to me seems the logical song that would have mix differences that could have been of concern to George.

  3. Ringo & George did that joint interview on Aspel in ’87 where Ringo talked about it. If I recall they settled out of court. Puzzled why George never released his own version, it could’ve been one of the best post-Beatle tracks he’d ever done

  4. Alex of Bronx says:

    What is the story behind this lawsuit ? don’t believe I heard of this…………………..
    George actually sued Ringo ??

  5. Ringo did a version of George’s song “When Every Song Is Song” on Rotogravure (Ringo’s version was titled I’ll Still Love You). George apparently was appalled by what he heard and sued Ringo. Reading into it I’m wondering if George expected to have the opportunity to sign off on Ringo’s version before it was released, but wasn’t given the chance.

    Years later Ringo and George did a joint interview on Aspel & Co in ’87, where Ringo refers to the lawsuit. He was very nonchalant about it – I guess by ’87 these guys had been in the midst of so many lawsuits back and forth that it had gotten mindnumbing to them. Sue Me You Blues indeed.

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