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4 Responses to “HOLD ON:”

  1. anonymoustill says:

    What the hell did John do that morning, nick the hell out of his jaw shaving? It doesn’t show in all pics that day, but it’s clear as a bell here.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this one, so sweet but very haunting at the same time. <3

  3. Susan says:

    There’s a picture of John and Sean in the bathroom, and John had just nicked his neck shaving. Not sure how they line up timewise.

  4. Jordon says:

    I think that’s the scar he got in a car accident in 1969. It was John, Yoko, Kyoko, and (I think) Julian. John was driving them to Scotland to introduce them to a place he spent many holidays in his youth. John of course, had bad eyesight and they were in a terrible wreck. Both John and Yoko needed stitches. It was the last time he ever drove. But he did take the wrecked car and put it on display in his garden!

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