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5 Responses to “HELMET HEAD:”

  1. Cara says:

    Whoa. He looks so lovely… and so young. And so like a boy you could bring home to mom, which was very rare for John! 😉 This photo is just one example of what makes this blog the best around!

  2. Joy says:

    Looking at this picture in a glance looks just like Sean!

  3. lizzie says:

    i was just going to say that, cara, he looks soooo young! i love the way he looks in that movie, all tanned and gorgeous! i know i must bore some of you to death with my remarks about john, but what can i do, he’s just the best looking guy these brazilian eyes have ever seen…

  4. Kelli says:

    Lizzie, we could never get tired of anything you say!

  5. lizzie says:

    thanks, kelli! glad i’m not getting on your nerves!

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