Hello sailor.


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  1. mcarp555 says:


  2. Nick D. says:

    Didn’t John do a film about that? LOL!

  3. Lizzie says:

    Jesus, Joseph and Mary… I can say no more. I am supposed to be WORKING and I’m checking out the blog. Bad Lizzie!

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    “Not ‘alf!”
    (half missed, half mossed, half messed, half mist…but, no half-mast
    …oh, wait…it does have a listing for ‘half-periscope’)
    I sat below me down a barnacle!

    Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat…I mean, I mean, I mean
    HMS Self Portrait
    damn the torpedo
    (sunburn voids warranty)

    we couldn’t fathom that vision…
    he just wanted ‘moor’

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    For anyone who is supposed to be working:

    To the ends of the earth
    air land or sea
    when a Carnival mama
    wanna Bahama pajama
    you can blame it on Rio
    but you better love drama…
    …looking for youth
    not experience
    hold on to a Yankee
    and break away
    dancing til dawn
    what the ‘hey’ is she
    doing in the night club
    who can say?

    Go to the window…
    Which way to Trinidad?
    Go to the window
    we’re not going there
    Go to the window
    Then blame it on Ringo
    de Janeiro
    or gimme protection
    she’s making me dizzy
    what the ‘hey’ is
    she doing in the night club?
    She hold on to a Spaniard
    and break away
    mama where you at?
    wanna drama in da bahama pajama?
    oh carne Val!
    Let’s do that…

    Well I’m looking for youth
    not experience

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    “Not aft”

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