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7 Responses to “HEART OF THE COUNTRY:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:


  2. Astrid says:

    Martha is probably the most photographed sheep dog in the world! Always at Paul’s side….

    But Macca….get a shave! You look like a mountain man!


  3. mike says:

    To me he was a kinda mountain man at those days or maybe rather a villager.

  4. d- says:

    I like Paul with a beard. In fact, he’d look great nowadays with a beard (not a dyed one of course, but something that looks natural).

  5. Dave says:

    They must have been thinking: “Life is good!”

  6. CindyB says:

    My friend that is from Scotland told me an interesting story about Paul and Lin. Back in the 70’s (about the time of that photo) Paul and Lin would go into town to buy groceries and those that stood next to Paul said he really needed to take a shower and that he looked “scuzzy”. They were definetly hippies!! But, she also said they definetly loved their kids and was a very loving family. She also said yrs., later when Paul got with Heather he was seen next to the sea in Scotland putting rocks together to spell out Heather’s name. She said her cousin talked to Paul for quite awhile and that he was a really nice guy.

  7. Alpha Bitch says:

    This was in the days of scotch and depression. You can see that *everyone* is gathered around, concerned about Paul and wanting him to feel better.
    And thank all the good forces at work, eventually he was back on top of the world.

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