My sisters always loved Hari best and thought he was by far the hottest, each one (except Pete) has something totally hot about them, and i have to say these pics of George are a good case to ramp up his hotness scale.

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  1. beatgirl64 says:

    Such a lovely man. Thanks, Tammy for posting these.

  2. Anonymous says:

    George is cute but WAY too scrawny for my taste. Plus I just can't deal with the unibrow. Beatles in order of hotness:
    1. Paul (naturally)
    2. John (But only in what he refers to as his "Fat Elvis" days, he got too skinny later on around '69. By 1980 he looked like a skeleton. Not attractive at all)
    3. George
    4. Ringo

  3. Anonymous says:

    lately this post has seemed more like tiger beat/16 magazine! ugh with the "they're cute" comments!

  4. chris says:

    These pics are why i became a guitarist. When i was a kid and into cowboys. Naturally George on the back of the Help LP was the hero for me. When I read the back and saw he was also a cool guitar guy that was it for me.

    Been my hero ever since the 70's when i was 5 or so.

  5. Karen says:

    George always was the hottest. What. A. Man.

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