Tis’ a rare day indeed when you see me posting a photo of Eric Clapton, who i personally find on every level to be about as palatable as a turd in a punch bowl.

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  1. a says:

    Wow, Tammy! Why do you dislike EC so much? I thought he was great in “The Concert for George”. Please post any other rare Eric and George pictures that you come across.

  2. cacau says:

    Eric is a great musician! But I love George and you post George. Thanks!

  3. Fred says:

    Stick to what you do best, Tammy – forget the incessant fart jokes/silly commentary and just keep posting photos.

  4. BeatleMark says:

    Ah, here’s a good one! George is playing an “E” standard while EC is in ? E blues roll ? Could they be playing “Taxman”?

  5. Tammy says:

    Hey ‘A’, why do i dislike EC so much, not sure where to to start, so i wont .. try reading Patties book, that in itself would have been enough for me, also the fact that he and George fell out at the end because old groovy slow hand told alluded to George that the stabbing was partly of his own doing .. nice.

    Fred, yeh cheers pet, taken on board .. and .. discarded :-)

  6. Kevin says:

    Which book alludes that Eric & George had a falling out over the stabbing event? This is the first I’ve heard that comment.

  7. Tammy says:

    B (i’ll capitalise just to give you a little more credit), what an utter nit wit you are (IMO of course), i make an editorial comment, on something i have an opinion on, and that’s the best you can offer?, i love and respect most of the people who look in here, quite a number are good friends, but others .. such as yourself tire me with your lack of a grasp of basic common sense, and a base level understanding of where this site is coming from, have you read the speil on the front page?, this site is just for shit’s and giggles, and if i so choose occasional editorial comment .. no brainer, but as i say over and over, if you don’t like it, kindly move along xoxo

  8. Tammy says:

    Btw, i knew when i uploaded this post some of the exact type of comments i’d receive, quite telling really.

  9. Linda P. says:

    Tammy, is it true that George had an affair in Japan with Erics ex Lori
    Del Santo? Erics book says George spent time with her and she in an interview says its true.

    What do you know?

    I love all your comments!

  10. John S Damm says:

    LOL! Love your Batle Photo Blog, Tammy. You make the study of Beatles fun and funny. I think that’s allowed!

  11. John S Damm says:

    It might help if I spell Beatle correctly!

  12. georgiesflower says:

    Oh, that first pic- George is so beautiful! I say “is”, because I have the feeling, that he never left . And he looked better and better with the years, I must say, that the middle aged George is my total weakness, such an attractive man…

    I must admit, that I don´t know much about Eric, only that he is an excellent player. And I loved him and George so much in this session and also on the “Live in Japan” CD- their guitars are so matching together, just like if they were talking… I´m always smitten when I listen to them.

  13. Tammy says:

    Hi, you know what shits me, wasting my time having to approve comments from ‘Annons’ like “B”, too piss weak to actually have a profile, and only offer up moronic baseless comments .. i LOVE when we have smart, intelligent comments and debates here, but it’s the dip shit vacant comments that is sooooo tiresome.

    All people have to do is read the front page to understand what this place is about, for the record i ‘don’t’ think i’m funny, i don’t think i’m the cats whiskers of Beatle knowledge .. i’m someone who loves The Beatles, has made a space on the web for ME to share, and to use as i please, and i’m stoked and amazed if anyone else enjoys it. It’s content is for my amusement and is not a serious endevour by me, i don’t sit here cackling thinking what i write and post is hilariously funny or profound, it’s for me and a few mates to have shits and giggles .. however, the most amazing bonus has been to find that ‘some’ of this irritates people and pushes ‘some’ peoples buttons, which stuns me when i think of the truely shitfull things that happen around us in the world today, and which is why i’ll continue along my merry way of doing whatever the fuck i want to, because it’s people who find these inane and stupid things important who irritate me, they expend such energy and concern on the truely trivial, and it’s my mission in life to keep getting under peoples skin like that until maybe they’ll wake up and realise what’s really important in life. Who’s to say what belongs here?, i do .. if i want to mention a camel toe here and there, a TURD, a puckered sphinkter, or my interest in a particular time frame of The Fabs lives, or a song “I” like, or if i feel in a stupid mood and feel like posting something inane and crass .. i will, and if you don’t like it .. you can fuck off :-)

  14. Tammy says:

    Thanks John, yes .. that Linda saying is my mantra “It’s allowed” :-)

  15. Fred says:

    One of your best, gorgeous Tammy. But whose ‘button’ has been pushed here?

  16. Tammy says:


    Not sure Linda, i have seen a pic of Hari and Lori together in Japan, but she may have just been visiting, Eric didn’t say they had an affair did he?. Wish i could find the source for the quote about George and Eric not speaking for the last two years.

    My dislike of Clapton comes from his treatment of women, his music which does not move me in the least, and quite possibley a racist streak in him .. Google that, am i right in saying that in Patti’s book she mentioned Eric didn’t want them to adopt and bring an African child into the country? .. i don’t have the book at hand, and i really don’t want to have to reread it .. it was such a downer having to read about him.

  17. a says:

    hey tammy, sorry if i ticked you off. honestly, love the site and love reading your comments and your opinions. that’s why i asked what you thought of eric clapton. keep up the good work and i will keep checking in…btw my name is ann :)

  18. Tammy says:

    Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, sorry Ann .. no!!, it wasn’t you i was ticked off by, not at all .. that was my mistake, i mixed you in with “B” by mistake, really sorry about that xoxo

  19. Tammy says:

    Yes Fred, Miss Tammy has buttons .. occasionally i have to vent, and spell out over and over what this place is about, i stand by my button carressed comments and statements, i’d rather peole leave in an orderly fashion than have to spend time repeating adinfinitum that i’ll do what pleases me here and nothing people comment on or moan about will change that, i’m processing about 100 comments a day now, the most part they are fine .. but the time i spend rehashing what is blinkingly obviously stated on the front page tires me, just think of it as about four less pics i have time to post in the time it takes me to deal with spam and comments such as that, if it’s any solace to you or others, i reap vast sexually depraved gratification at this irritation and frustration that this causes. xoxo

  20. Sara S. says:

    You know what I say on my blog, Miss Tammy “It’s my blog and I will post what I want to…..” The whole point of having a blog is to post what you want and say what you want to say. If people don’t like it, then they can post in their own blogs.

    And for the record, I am not too fond of Mr. Clapton either. I even think George should have stuck with the acustic version of “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” and left Clapton out of the recording all together. Now that is something most people will argue with me about.

  21. BLJ says:

    I agree with Tammy 120%, regarding EC. I did not like him after reading Pattie’s book. I do not believe he is a nice person. I don’t believe he is worthy of calling himself George’s friend.

    And Sara S, I agree with you also> I like the acustic version of “WMGGW” much better.

  22. Tammy says:

    ‘b’ .. Frank, i’ve banned you from posting to this site after that previous mail you sent me which i’ve removed from here, i’ve also kept a record of your ip address.

  23. Ishie says:

    Maybe I’m naive but after reading Pattie’s book, I found it more unimaginable as to why she would prefer Eric. Yes, he pursued her, gave her attention and was so smitten that nothing (not even his friendship with George) was going to stand in his way. However, her life with EC by her own description was far from peaceful and quite the opposite of her relationship with George. I completely understand why there were times when Pattie questioned if she had made the right decision to leave George … after all she went through she might have been better off by herself for awhile. I’ll not dismiss EC’s talent but the way in which he handled himself and the person/people that he was to have loved.

  24. Linda P. says:

    Eric said in his book that he didn’t want to see Lori after the death of his son, and that George was kind enough to show her around for several days. Lori said in her interview after Georges death, that she and George spent time in his suite and had an affair as a payback for what Eric had done to them both.

    I saw the picture of Lori and George in Japan and I know George wasn’t the most faithful man.

    It does seem to be the perfect payback for Eric but not for Olivia if this is true. I did notice that Lori waited until George was gone to make this statement, so there can be no real proof.

    Eric may be a guitar guru, but he certainly has failed in his personal realtionships. He has left a wake of sadness. Too bad for him. Maybe George felt his being so spiritual would make Eric see the light!

    Could this be the reason he and George had a falling out. Maybe Eric found out about the affair?

  25. d- says:

    I haven’t read Patti’s book. I guess I should. My question: Didn’t George treat Patti Boyd pretty badly too? Or are you all saying that Eric Clapton treated her worse?

  26. hey_you says:

    d, eric treated her far worse. you’ve really got to get your hands on that book. george was no saint, but in comparison to eric clapton there’s no contest to whom treated her worse. eric clapton wins by a mile.

  27. Ishie says:

    If one had to compare George vs Eric in the ‘bad treatment’ department it would have to be Eric for sure. Pattie’s recollections of her times with both men were revealed however Eric is described as being unbearable and often intentionally nasty. Neither men were saints, after all they are human. Eric’s addictions and jealousies made him an entirely different man and that side of him was anything but appealing.

  28. ann says:

    I have to agree with you Ishie. I think Eric’s addictions, jealousies, and his enormous ego made him very difficult to live with. That being said, I saw an interview with Pattie and she stated that “everyone” was behaving badly. How sad! I must say, however, that when I watched the “Concert for George” Eric seemed very genuine and Dhani and Olivia seemed very genuine in their appreciation to him for organizing the concert. I just wish Eric would have left that whole story about Lori and George out of his autobiography.

  29. Markzapp says:

    People? They are performers. They are not ministers, preachers, priests, etc. WHY is everyone SOOO disappointed that men who were gifted with songwriting abilities, singing abilities and musicial abilities were not saints? WE’RE not saints but we’re not famous. JEEZ! You’re good at something and suck at something else. It’s called life. Time for some music…

  30. Tammy says:

    Ahhhh, but see, if i don’t actually like the ‘person’ (for whatever reason, and it’s allowed) then i actually find it really hard to enjoy the music, but hey .. that’s just me, i also can’t listen to Elton John for the same reason.

  31. Alpha Bitch says:

    As husbands, I don’t think George *or* Eric were good partners to Pattie. Considering their youth and the times, George and Pattie’s marriage was probably due to fall off the track anyway, but Eric … he was nothing less than cruel and scary at times. Sounds like a living nightmare to live with the guy, at least as he was before cleaning up and marrying someone able to have a bunch of kids with him. Otherwise, what a tool!

    Pattie has also claimed that George remains the love of her life and I see no reason not to believe her, whether she left him for Eric or not.

  32. Linda P. says:

    Posting this photo was a good idea Tammy!

    So many people responded with true feelings and insight. Thats what these blogs are all about. Each person responding puts a whole new perception to each picture you post!

    Pattie, George and Eric are the only people who truly know what happened. I think we all would have liked a better ending but life goes on.

  33. Tammy says:

    Hi, thanks Linda .. i wasn’t so sure about it being such a good idea last night when i recieved what i can only interpret as a threat, but i won’t allow things like this stifle my comments or posts, it’s just a nice reminder of the various ‘personalities’ that are on the other side of the computer screen.

  34. hey_you says:

    someone actually threatened you? that’s ridiculous just because i don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean i’m going to threaten them like some bully.

  35. jan says:

    Tammy, have you read Chris O’Dell’s book? I highly recommend it.

  36. jan says:

    Chris O”Dell lived at Friar Park with George and Pattie, and she went from having a huge crush on Clapton, to totally hating him because he was such a tool. At one point, she actually flipped him off! She seems to have been the only one with enuff stuff to publically tell him where to get off. For that, she has a spot in my heart.

  37. Chelsea says:

    Ok I think I need to say a couple of things here. First of all, I don’t think we should be taking Patti’s book as the gospel truth. No doubt neither men were completely faithful (I think there’s enough evidence to convince us that there’s truth in that), but we only have her side of the story for the details of what happened.

    It appears as though she had some regrets about leaving George–maybe implying that he treated her well enough that she wishes she had stuck around–but there’s no way of verifying any of it. In the end, maybe we should just take their music and the all of the great things George left behind (awareness of spirituality, keeping up a good sense of humor, etc.) and forget trying to figure out what happened in their personal lives.

  38. ralphingo says:

    Tammy, i second Jan’s opinion above! Just finished O’Dells’ book… not a pretty picture of Clapton!

  39. Diane says:

    I have long wondered how Pattie could leave George for Eric. I think she came to wonder that herself, but too late. The good that came out of it was that George found Olivia (he always had the best taste in women) and they had Dhani.

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