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7 Responses to “HARI AND DAD:”

  1. Vin says:

    Great pic. It’s nice to see that George’s dad grew his hair. He looks like he could have been a rock star too.

  2. stephenmcg says:

    My thoughts too Vin, I bet he shared his “Smoke” with him!

  3. Pete says:

    Unbelievable, I have a pic of George and his dad somewhere from an old 1963 newspaper, and you could NEVER imagine that his dad in that old picture could grow up looking as great as he does in this one.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Markzapp says:

    It’s also kind of amazing to see how long George Martin let his hair grow. It was longer than Paul’s and Ringo’s for a long time.

  5. BLJ says:

    Now we know where George gets his beautiful hair from.

  6. Another_Fan says:

    I am with Vin and BLJ on this one 😉
    Their eyes look the same too.
    Haha I am gonna google George Martin with long hair now!

  7. AuroraSkye says:

    I LOVE this photo!! So sweet!

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