This photo turned up in late 1980 in the press, the tag line had it listed as John Lennon in the West Village (I think) on Halloween in 1980, i have no idea if this is real or if it’s just someone with round glasses passing themselves off as John, still it’s interesting to think that he maybe did out in disguise, i’ve never heard of any other reports of this so i’m staying really sceptical.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it could be him because he did ride those type of bikes sometimes.Hard to say.

  2. Anonymous says:

    With those bbc sites provided,it now appears that there is some growing confirmation for that halloween photo.It also says john was enbarking on unprecedented creativity in 1980,it seems he still had much to give.What a terrible thing to happen.

  3. Aniat says:

    I think he is.
    Look at the nose…

  4. greg raymond says:

    I think this could be him. Firstly examine the glasses, although he’d stopped wearing the wire frames by 1980 they look like the pair he wore on the Today show in 1974 and when being interviewed by Howard Cossell on Monday night football. Next examine the bicycle although ten-speed bikes were popular at this time and he’d certainly owned one this one would have to be examined next to a photo of John(without costume)and with his bike which definately exsist. Lastly look at the jeans. John was well known to cuff the bottom of his jeans in rockabilly style. It also seems like a costume he’d wear, it looks like part of an english midevial knights costume but with a grotusque mask to discuise himself in which to walk about freely.

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