Honestly, Miss Tammy spoils you minx’s!, look at me, giving you not one, but two new 1980 frames from 1980, all in the one day. You’re all lucky i’m such a giving person (Miss Stephanie, hush your fizzing mouth before you comment on that).

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14 Responses to “GIVING:”

  1. lizzie says:

    and we very much appreciate you being such a giving person, my dear…

  2. anonymoustill says:

    I’ve seen the bottom one before, only cropped and not as clear. Good one, thanks for posting.

  3. hey you says:

    you’ve posted the first picture of john and yoko recently.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I second what Lizzie said. : )

  5. lizzie says:

    many of us don’t mind at all seeing it again, hey you.

  6. hey you says:

    of course not, lizzie.

  7. A different Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much!! LOVE 1980 John soooooo much. <3

  8. lizzie says:

    i knew you’d say that, hey you!

  9. Ishie says:

    I Love 80’s Lennon photos … beside the fact that he looked very attractive, he was back in the spotlight (so to speak) and fans delighted in that. He entered the 80’s as a new man … more satisfied perhaps and enthusiastic to make music again and to share his life with us again.
    He is missed!

  10. stephanie says:

    mmm. I am hushed. Ms Tammy you posted the first one on 8th Sept !
    but I, agree with everyone here, love your 1980 photos and do not mind seeing them again occasionally…

  11. LillyB says:

    Ugh, breaks my heart! sigh

  12. Peter81 says:

    He started to look a little like Thurston Moore in that final year, wiry and fair haired. I wonder did he ever see the fledging Sonic Youth play live? They would have formed only down the road from him

  13. james says:

    looks as if Johns saying “hey hey”..”ok” maybe n ot wanting to be phtographed but letting happen, afterall he was back in the public eye..almost. That look was timeless, good fashion sense the man had, macca was not far off either at this time but I think John had the edge!(second photo)

  14. A different Jennifer says:

    Interesting comparison Peter, but Thurston wishes he was that attractive. :) Anyway, aren’t Sonic Youth members Thurston and Kim super tight with John’s son Sean? I know they often play together and possibly have recorded some music.

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