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7 Responses to “GHOSTS OF THE PAST:”

  1. Pete F. says:

    I find these “ghost” pictures really weird. They’re nice but spooky at the same time. There’s another one of Yoko and Sean in Central Park I think, with a transparent John nearby. An icon but also just a father, sorely missed.

  2. Alice says:

    I can imagine John saying “Paul, take your eyes off me widow’s cleavage!”

  3. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful. : )

  4. BLJ says:

    This is beautiful. Have you seen the one of Paul and Linda that one takes your breath away.

  5. Lucy says:

    And I just think it’s very nice to have John looking at Paul, not Yoko ^^

  6. cacau says:

    Today? John was a little old in this time and Yoko now is a little girl.

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