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6 Responses to “GET A GRIP:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Nowhere man gets a ‘knew’ mask and nobody notices!
    It’s painful wearing them because they never fit so let me bring you down…cause I’m going to…nothing is real…that is I think I disagree.
    (Ballad Of A Thin Elvis) or (Do you…Mister John?)
    I said even though you know what you know the world is at your command…
    I sat below me down a gripweed!
    But I say it just to reach you
    Mister Jones!

  2. Michael says:

    Kwai… you are too much! (in a good way!)

  3. Alex of Bronx says:

    Holy Sh-t, if this isn’t the spitting image of Sean

  4. Jorge says:

    Very true Alex

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    Thanks…but, it’s going to lead right back to The Beatles.
    Practically everything that I am can be blamed on them!
    I’m painting the room in a colorful way and when my mind is wandering…
    (you know the rest)

  6. Lizzie says:

    I bought many BEAUTIFUL photos from How I Won the War at a Beatlefest in New Jersey in the 80’s, some from 1967, others from Help, etc. They were all 8×10 and I kept them in an album. I made negatives of all of them (pre-scanning days…) since a few of my friends wanted copies. Am I glad I did that! The album disappeared from my home many years ago and I recently found the negatives and scanned them. Not all of them are usable, and even this one has a strange mark on the back – the photographic paper was shiny and it reflected. But… since I hadn’t seen them online yet, I sent this one and a few others which Tammy has posted before (the two close-ups with the suntan and skin peeling and one of him sitting down with the dark glasses), and now I see them all over the place, which is ok, of course. The important thing is that they are not lost! This particular photo seller had HUNDREDS of 8×10’s from original negatives. He was a very strange older man. We called him “Mr. Mafia” because we couldn’t understand how he could have access to SO MANY original negatives/slides. I wander what happened to him and his amazing photos… The last time I went to a Fest (that’s close to 10 years ago) all I could find were copies of copies of photos.

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