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2 Responses to “GEORGIA:”

  1. Jorge says:

    Showing respect and admiration to one of the pioneers/icons of popular music

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Well, the doctor said I need rest
    but, all I need is her tenderness…
    he put me on the critical list
    but, all I needed was her sweet kiss…
    he gave me a medicated lotion
    but, it didn’t soothe my emotion…

    Throw out the snake-oil! This is the REAL medicine!
    I don’t need no doctor…
    I need more Beatle music.

    Ray is America’s finest musical offering. I hope the Beatles were diggin’ him. Sure, Elvis could get ambient hormonal tension to spike in 2.3 pelvic gyrations…but, Ray can sing the tears out of the hardest heart. He was the MOST soulful vocal in music…the sweetest sadness ever sung.

    Other arms reach out to me
    Other eyes smile tenderly
    Still in peaceful dreams I see
    The road leads back to you

    Disclaimer: This is not an Anti-Beatle comment. This is a simple matter that involves the two greatest performing artists the world has ever known.

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