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22 Responses to “GEORGE AND MIKE LOVE 1971:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    What’s with this guy?
    If you couldn’t relate Smile…
    then, why are you bothering George?
    Is he begging to get on the Bangladesh bill…
    or, is this just a cheap ploy for free tickets…
    (Sorry…no love for Love…
    Brian was the hero and Mike Love was the villain).
    Van Dyke Parks was going to make the Beach Boys a cosmic contender
    but, Mike Love couldn’t understand the lyrics.
    THAT’s what really caused Brian to crack like an egg. A creative masterpiece was ready for finishing touches…but, Mike wanted to keep singing California Girls for another ten years. Yuck!
    So, maybe this is backstage at the whisker convention…

  2. Dirk says:

    and the pic is is a fake 2 Pictures in one

  3. Hitachi says:

    Dirk… NO.. tis real. On July 2 1971 George attended a Beach Boys concert in Central Park. The whole concert was filmed and shown on US TV as “Good Vibrations From Central Park”. One of the “support acts” was Carly Simon and during her performance the cameras cut back stage ever so briefly to see George talking with Art Garfunkel of all people but this is the first photograph of George there that day, recently discovered amongst a cache of Beach Boys memorabilia in Florida that is now up for auction.
    I think you need to read the book “The Solo Beatles Film & TV Chronicle 1971 – 1980” and get up to date with rare Beatles sightings like this!

  4. Hitachi says:

    Kwai, if George thought having Paul in a band was controlling imagine if Mike Love was in The Beatles!! I’m amazed Mike hasn’t claimed he wrote half the White Album :)

  5. GLCompany says:

    The Carly Simon concert was July 27th I think, the footage of George and Art was made on that Evening, not this on One.

  6. alex in the bronx says:

    Mike Love is a jerk, always was always will be. BeachBoys were great despite him.

  7. I believe this Mike and George photo is part of the “Lost Beach Boys Archive” auction taking place shortly in London.

  8. Michael says:

    Yeah, that (Love) speech @ the R&R Hall of Fame induction ceremony was off the chain. Showed himself to be an ahole of the highest order. About as unhip as they come.

  9. Ishie says:

    The Beach Boys have a wonderful legacy and it’s very sad that Mike continues to be degrading and combative with the other band members except for Bruce who he continues to tour with.
    The vision & musical genius of Brian Wilson gave life to the Beach Boys. Brian heard it all in his head and brought it to acetate with his vocal/musical abilities as well as Bruce, Al, Mike, Carl & Dennis and the Wrecking Crew. Think of ‘God Only Knows’ …. ‘Pet Sounds’ and ‘Smile’ ….
    I saw Brian when he toured with ‘Smile’ and it was a remarkable evening not just to hear the music but to see Brian triumph over all of the struggles he experienced over the years.
    It’s wonderful to know that Brian will be getting on the road this summer with Al Jardine & David Marks.

  10. Erin says:

    Epic beards. :)

  11. Beatlesondvd says:

    Thanks, Hitachi.

    Wikipedia gave the date as 25 August, and didn’t mention any concert on 2 July.

  12. Hitachi says:

    My pleasure. Just don’t believe all you read on Wikipedia.. Kinda like the Badman of the internet :) In fact he also did a book on The Beach Boys… enough said.
    May I also reiterate that every Solo Beatles TV scholar really needs a copy of the book “The Solo Beatles Film & TV Chronicle 1971 – 1980″ as it is essential for information like this. Many years of research went into every page.

  13. bill c. says:

    Mike Love not war

  14. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Nice, Bill C

  15. Since 1963 says:

    Paul has said that God Only Knows is the best pop song ever.
    Don’t ask me in which of my gazillion books I read it because if you do… Please don’t. :)

  16. Jim says:

    The Beard Boys.

  17. Jim says:

    Whether deserved or not, it is a miracle that Mike Love could be known as the A hole in any band that also included Dennis Wilson. At least Mike didn’t impregnate Dennis’ daughter. Unfortunately the reverse can’t be said about Dennis.

  18. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Wow Jim, that is way too much information LOL

  19. Johnny Silver says:

    i’m not the biggest beach boys fan in the world. ok, *some* of mike love’s comments at the R&R HOF were over the line. but alot of folks agreed with him that paul should’ve been there.

  20. jma689 says:

    And George said “we’ll call the band ZZ Top! and play some blues rock!”

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