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5 Responses to “GEORGE AND ERIC IDLE:”

  1. ann says:

    Hi Tammy, I think you need a “like” feature underneath each picture :) This is a nice picture. Looks like 331/3 era.

  2. Ishie says:


  3. Brian says:

    He had that perm for a while

  4. Linda P. says:

    Eric Idle brought out the best in Georges humor! This had to be some of the best times for George after the Beatles break up. What a smile!

  5. Pete F. says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing Eric Idle perform in Ottawa and Montreal a couple of years back. The “Greedy Ba$tard Tour” he called it :-) Both nights he made moving tributes to George during the show. You could tell they were close.

    In an autograph session after the Montreal show, I told him how much I enjoyed that particular part of his show. He shrugged and smiled and said “George was a good man and a good friend. I miss him very much.”

    Great photo Tammy, thanks for sharing.

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