As i find myself aging, and becoming more aware of my inner being, and letting go of the failings of my outter body, i find myself drawn more and more to the words, ideals and attitudes of George Harrison. It was not meant to be for us to have him any longer on this earth than we did, and i guess it would be selfish to wish for, and ask for anything more of him. I’m simply glad George graced this earth, and very fortunate that it was in my lifetime.

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  1. James says:

    If we have an eternal inner being Im all for it and all for what George was always saying, one thing though, he smoked heavily, drank heavily used hard and soft drugs ( periodically of course) George didnt practice the body is my temple, he wasnt an olympic athlete, he was an aesthetic for sure, spiritually lifted by music and meditation but did he really have any more insight than anyone else?is the dichotomy of his life that makes me wonder at times if rock stars/musicians etc etc have some fatl flaw that make sthem believe in more, maybe they are right but maybe not, george was beautiful guy for sure and made the moset of his talents, like we all should, but have you ever seen the little clip of him talking about dying?he talks about having no reason to “stay here” other than his son needing a father, he didnt even mention his dear wife Olivia, now maybe he was just kidding around but it didnt appear that way and it makes you wonder how deep George really was at times, yes he could be DEEP but it always strikes me as a selfish kind of depth at the xpense of loved ones, he had alot to learn in life also and Im sure thats what he did but we have to be careful who we empower with spiritual knowledge, George was a struggler as much as any of us I think.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Wisdom is not a flower to be plucked…
    but rather…a mountain to be climbed!
    #5. Avedon?
    #6. The Beatle Jacket hand me down
    #7. Carry That Mic
    #8. A Gnome named Penny
    #12. Rolling Thunder Hat

  3. lizzie says:

    beautiful tribute, beautiful words. george was no saint, but when you think of where he came from and the open mind he had to embrace another culture, its music and spiritual beliefs, i think he did very, very well. i am honored to have seen him so many times. and thank you for including my little picture (sheepskin jacket) among these gorgeous photos.

  4. Pete F. says:

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since George left this world.
    Beautiful pics & thoughts Greg.

  5. Jema says:

    George passed 19 days after my 5th birthday and at that time it didn’t effect me because I was young and I didn’t know who George or any of The Beatles were.Now that I’m older and I absolutely love The Beatles and George,his solo work is my favorite actually,this day brings me sadness like it does for so many others.I love all of George’s songs and I think that he always wrote beautiful lyrics and many of his songs help me a lot.The pictures are nice and I really like the one of George and Dhani.

  6. James says:

    Hi Lizzie, I think it was incredible what he and the rest of the boys achieved without a doubt too, I suppose Im guilty as any one else of thinking they couyld transcend the usual troubles we all can have but thats probably why they were so special, they reflected all of us so well, hey its really nice to knwo someone is here who met him, Im sure your memories are amazing and well done for being so true to them!

  7. Ishie says:

    I’ve always looked at George (and the other Beatles) as being human, just like you or I. George was on a quest for enlightenment … seeking, changing & growing … experiencing triumphs & failures. He was simply a man on a spiritual journey for inner peace. It doesn’t matter if he was a success … what matters is that he tried.

  8. Michael says:

    Perfect sentiments, Tammy. I agree whole heartedly. I think I’ve learned more about spirituality, reason for being and humility from George and those that inspired him than from any other sources on the planet. So sad to lose him, but he absolutely lives on in the hearts and souls of those of us he inspired.

  9. Louise says:

    Well George was never my favorite Beatle. Truth is, I don’t like the preachy, religious types in my own family, let alone the preachy, religious type in the Beatles. 😉 But here’s what I did like about George: His grand deadpan sense of humor. His appreciation of the absurdities of Beatles life. His occasional crankiness (and that he could be blunt without necessarily being vicious). His willingness to be a team player. His lovely and unshowy guitar playing style. His smile. I could better handle the religious nuts in my own family if they were as funny and charming as George.

  10. Joy says:

    Today is rather a sad day for many of us George Harrison fans but we’ve got to think of him as a beautiful human being and gifted musician. I’ve adored him since I received the ALL THINGS MUST LP for Christmas in 1970.

    I wear a memorable necklace in honor of him – it’s his geniune guitar pick with the “OM” symbol in front and his name and dates on the back.

    Thank you George we ALL love you so much and there is not one day that I don’t think of him.


  11. les says:

    Always the beatle I looked on as the most grouded. Never sought fame but being a beatle he could not avoid it. Ten years have gone in the blink of an eye.

  12. Nick says:

    We were/are so lucky to have had George Harrison in our lives. He was one of a kind and missed by so many.

  13. C3BlueNote says:

    I, for one, feel extremely humbled and blessed to have had George Harrison, both as a Beatle and as a solo artist, in my long, interesting life. It is because of his words, wisdom and walk, I can say I have found my own path (indirectly). His love, generosity, humor and compassion reflect in my soul daily. God bless and receive him and may he forever bathe in the light of love free of Maya. The world is a sadder and darker place without him. Hare Krishna, Hari Hari, Krishna.

  14. Vince says:

    Wonderful assortment of Photos to commemorate the 10th anniversary of George’s passing. He was a beautiful, caring person with a very wise soul much missed.

  15. Aeolian Cadence says:

    Awww, these photos brought a little tear to my eye. Rest in peace, dear George.

  16. BLJ says:

    It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since he has left this material world. My friends of my younger years often remember the early days when the Beatles first come to the USA. He is another legend gone. George was always my favorite and the favorite of my close friends whom I grew up with. For the past few years I have rediscovered the Beatles and it is like living those wonderful years in the sixties again. I remember my friend calling me who moved far away, on the day he died simply saying we have lost our sweet George, we both cried. He has had quite an impact on my life. I feel I have learned a lot from George and is thankful for his past existence. He will always be in my heart, may he R.I.P.

    Thanks Tammy for posting these beautiful pictures of my favorite Beatle.

  17. Susan says:

    I miss him.

  18. juliette says:

    I will love him,admire his work,adore him,listen to his songs and he’ll be my hero for the rest of my life and even after..

  19. Cara says:

    I miss him too. We (Beatles fans) really need George’s honesty and wit. And he wrote some stunningly beautiful songs. For that alone he has my deepest affection. Hare Krishna, George!

  20. Since 1963 says:

    George was always the one of the Beatles I could not quite figure out. John and Paul were always transparent as glass. Ringo needs no explanation. But George was, to me, always an enigma. Can’t say he was my favorite of the four, but he intrigued me.

  21. Sarah says:

    I miss George so much. I wish that I could have loved him when he was alive, but I was too young at the time when he died to know who he was, which saddens me. I can only love and appreciate what he left behind. He gave such lovely things to the world, and I’m so grateful to have his beautiful music, his humour, his wisdom that can still touch people even when he is no longer in this world. I hope he’s happy, wherever he may be now.

  22. Melody says:

    I was very fortunate to have met George more than once. He was so charismatic and gave you his undivided attention when he spoke to you, even if you were in a group of people. Much missed. Love the photo of him and baby Dhani that Louise Harrison’s ex husband took (it will be in her upcoming book). Thanks for posting Greg.

  23. hanna says:

    hope i´m not being rude, but i love permgeorge.

    also my dentist looks exactly like old long-haired george and each time i have an appointment i keep imagining my dentist with a perm. yeah it´s pretty awesome im my brain 😉

  24. Cindy B says:

    We all love and miss you, George….

  25. Pete F. says:

    Melody: In what circumstances did you get to meet George a few times? You don’t have to reply if you prefer keeping that private but if you don’t mind sharing your memories, I’m sure lots of folks here would be interested.

  26. MarkZapp says:

    God bless you George. We remember you on the 10th anniversary of your passing(and really every day!).

  27. Diane says:

    Thank you for putting it so well. I have loved George since I first saw him (I was 11). I am now pushing 60 and I still adore him. My husband understands completely!

  28. AuroraSkye says:

    I agree with everything you wrote above. I am so glad he was here during our lifetimes! And ty so much for posting all those gorgeous pictures of him. I love him so much!

  29. Brian says:

    Miss him everyday

  30. Vitor Bastos says:

    Can someone tell me the date of the 21° photo??

  31. David says:

    Photo #21: May of 2001

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