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53 Responses to “GAGA MAC-CACA:”

  1. maxeythecat says:

    For those who call Gaga a non-talent, let me ask you this….what is YOUR idea of talent? Some insipid bubble-headed poptart who couldn’t f%%ing write her own songs if her life depended on it, who couldn’t sing a note in studio without, um…”help” from Sir Autotune and ALOT of fancy editing by a crack engineer, who couldn’t perform “live” (yeah, that’s rich..) without the “aid” of some deftly integrated digital “enhancements”, who’s idea of independent thought is whatever her minders tell her to say once them wicked cool “mood enhancers” kick in, who’s idea of being creative onstage is performing a lapdance on some poor unsuspecting slob she rips from the audience?

    Sorry bub….I think I’ll side with the artist that while ain’t up to everyone’s taste actually possesses some latent ability to create her own stuff, much like those four guys that this website is all about. Mind me if I seem rather long winded in regards to this subject, but it absolutely breaks my heart to realize just how dismal things are in regards to music these days….to lionize some poor bimbette who’s only real talent is her ability is to get her name in the tabloids rather than someone who’s the real deal….maaan, you kids are missing out on so much.

    I may be old but at least I grew up during a time where performers actually wrote their own stuff, sang LIVE onstage and didn’t cheat their audience the way they do now. Anyone who even smelled of lip synching were not only ripped by both fans and critics alike they were even threatened by lawsuits for perpetuating a fraud. Simply put, if you didn’t have the talent to sing it live, you didn’t belong on a stage.

    God only knows what John would’ve thought about this if he were still alive….I really think he would’ve been as pissed off as I am about how bad and unacceptable things are music wise..hell, he’d probably go back into a self imposed retirement as a protest against the entire mess.

  2. stephen says:

    I love Lady Gaga. I love the Beatles. I love many varied and electic music artists from the past fifty years, but not uncritically.

    I have seen gaga perform live, on the same stage I saw Paul perform live, in Sydney. I KNOW that she sings all live, no autotune, no recorded vocals. She sand her songs pich perfect. I know because I have perfect pitch myself. She is classically trained, plays beautiful piano. Has been writing her own words and songs for over ten years. She is creative, fun, vibrant, and an “OK” (OK, not brilliant) vocalist. Gaga has far more creative musical talent than perhaps 80% of today’s contemporary artists.

  3. A different Jennifer says:

    Gaga’s favorite songwriter is John Lennon. She is a very talented artist in her own right, though some of her stuff is a tad harsh and I am preferable to Adele. I would never dismiss her and I rather love her attitude and think she’s very lovely.

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