Don’t be getting all frisky, Miss Tammy isn’t back yet from her witness protection getaway, I’m just dropping in to say happy new year, hope everyone got through it okay. While some of you freeze, others of us are steaming in our gussets, so scuse me while i go and lather on a healthy smear of tanning butter, don my best cabana wear with black socks and sandals, and head back down to the wading pool, see y’all soon x x

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  1. Lizzie says:

    happy new year!!! here in rio we’re going through the worst heatwave i have ever experienced in my 62 years. i fear for my next electricity bill… ac running much, much more than on any other summer. i’m back at my water aerobics 4x a week and suspect both our teachers want all of us old ladies to die: they are pushing us to the limit! life is good, can’t complain. much love to all from your very tanned friend.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    All right, already…
    I’m awake!
    (hello all)

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    Happy New Year, too
    (it says here)

  4. maria.m says:

    happy 2014 for you all,
    we are freezing over here, enjoy the sun & pool

  5. Nick Detaranto says:

    Here in New Jersey, we are all over the weather map! I love global warming! NOT!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  6. Ishie says:

    Happy 2014 to all!

  7. Since 1963 says:

    Happy New Year, Tammy!
    Here in California we have temps in the 50s and no rain. Our area has had just 6 inches of rain since last January. I long for rain.
    Since it’s winter, I have had plenty of time to curl up with Tune In. Great read. It’s holding me over until Lizzie’s book arrives in my mailbox. :)

  8. steve in th eBronx says:

    Happy New Year Tammy!

  9. mcarp555 says:

    Happy 50th anniversary year! We’ve done the 50th of “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me”, but now is when things start to get interesting. So here’s to the *first* half-century of global domination.

  10. LeftyBass says:

    Happy New Year from London, where it’s grey and damp…so no change.

  11. Cara says:

    Don’t know where you are in Cali, Since1963, but down in LA it was 82ยบ today! Kinda scary, need rain. Happy happy to Miss Tammy and all Beatle peedles!

  12. Kwai Chang says:

    Like I said…
    The Beatles have carried the music industry from their first hit all the way to today. Apparently an ambitious release is set for 1-21-14. This will be a massive box set of all US releases on vinyl LP. Many are mono versions and Hey Jude(stereo) is also part of the set. I only just learned about this a few minutes ago. Anyway, there they are…45 years after the break-up.
    If you think the harmony…is a little dark…and out of key…
    YOU’RE correct. There’s NOBODY there!!!
    (they really know how to mess up my vow of poverty)

  13. mcarp555 says:

    Kwai – It’s all the differing US albums. So no ‘Pepper’, White album, ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘Abbey Road’ or ‘Let It Be’, but the US version of ‘Revolver’. And for the first time on CD I believe, the United Artists version of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘The Beatles Story’. Blows the ‘Capitol Albums’ box sets clear out of the water.

    Someone let me know how the ‘One Direction’ box set goes in 2060-something, eh?

  14. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you, sincerely…it was a pressure and a plivilidge to have been rescued by you. I did get ahead of myself. I interpreted what I saw (ebay vendor) to mean that a limited edition box of vinyl records was being released. I realize now that is not what is being released. This box set event will be another excercise in futility from the tower at Hollywood and Vine. Remember how volume 2 ‘completed’ the series??? Now, there’s more…of the same. Back in 2006(?) I was wondering when volume 3 would be released. It was disgraceful to ignore Revolver, Yesterday And Today, Magical Mystery Tour, Hey Jude(at the time Sgt. Pepper would have superseded Hey Jude…or a 5 disc affair would be acceptable). Well I think Capitol has a lot of audacity to suddenly hail the rest of the catalog as being worthy of release. Why not the first time around? And why is The Beatles Story more important than the ORIGINAL mixes of Magical Mystery Tour album??? Even worse…why is The Beatles Story exclusive to the box? Surprised? This is what Capitol does best…stroking the consumer…screwing the fan. The pretense of righteousness has been completely remixed by the accountants and marketing strategists. . What Dave Dexter Jr. did for fidelity, has now been applied to the ethics of marketing. It’s called the ‘Wall Of Sell’. It’s a damn shame that dignity isn’t worth a little more, these days. If it were, I would suggest changing the O to an A in the word Capitol.
    mcarp555 is funny. That would be a great repackage in 2060…they could call it ‘Something, eh’
    I think Capitol should do a US version of the White Album because of George’s remastering. It’s another whole generation away from the master tape…yum!
    I hope somebody at Abbey Road is cutting new lacquers for some remastered (09-09-09) mono versions on vinyl…box set.
    Is that ever going to happen?
    And will there ever be 45rpm editions of Beatles on vinyl?
    I’m dreaming
    (good night)

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    To clarify:
    Will there ever be 45rpm editions of Beatles ALBUMS on vinyl?

  16. mcarp555 says:

    45rpm albums? You’ve lost me there. Wouldn’t that mean having to split almost every album into two or more discs, since the faster spin would reduce the space needed (without losing fidelity)?

    To be honest, I’m okay with this new box set; it was the original Capitol volumes I disagreed with (and never bought). EMI is trying to satisfy a larger fan base than diehards who would like to have all the various mixes and/or matrix versions, etc. It’s far easier to market to Baby Boomers who would like to have “The Beatles Second Album” on CD because that’s the way they remember hearing those songs. Detail-oriented audiophiles are a harder group to please. And there are fewer of ’em as well.

    So I’ve ordered the new box; I’ve always wanted “The Beatles Story” on CD, as well as “Hey Jude”. Do I need the Harrison remix of the White album? I’m still undecided if it was really, really done, and not just more mystic lore.

  17. Kwai Chang says:

    I don’t know when it started…but, about 18 months ago I saw some craziness take place on ebay. A set of test pressings (only 2 sets pressed…this was one of them) of Led Zeppelin studio albums on 200gram virgin vinyl that was mastered at 45 rpm. As I recall, they were also one sided. So that means 800 grams per single-disc album. Each disc housed in a foam padded, static neutral rice sleeve, I don’t remember if there were graphics. Anyway, it was 100% legit. It auctioned for over $8,000. So, since then, I have seen the Doors studio album box set (6 titles) at 45 rpm on 200 gram two-sided virgin vinyl was released about a year ago. I think Bruce Botnick was involved. Approximately $400 is the list price. Now, there are many artists/classic titles with such releases. With the right care and precission…this is a ultra hopeful prospect…especially, for all things recorded at Abbey Road!

  18. mcarp555 says:

    I found this explanation of why 45:

    Interesting. We all know they’ve tried hi-Q vinyl pressings of Beatles albums in the past, but I never heard any of them to say if there really was a difference. The equipment of the end user also plays an important part. I don’t even own a turntable any more. It’s funny that in today’s low-fi mp3 world, there’s so much effort to hear the subtle nuances of music recorded a half-century ago, and engineered to be mostly listened in in mono on small underpowered speakers. I’m not opposed to the effort, but as the cilia in my cochleas wither away with age, it’s probably wasted on me.

    In a related vein, I remember seeing photos of Beatles singles at 78rpm made in India for that market. Anybody have any of those in their collection?

  19. MarkZapp says:

    Happy 50th Birthday, “Meet The Beatles!”(USA). January 20, 1964. I played it last night to commemorate and, yes, I air guitared to it.

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