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4 Responses to “FROM THE ‘UH OH’ FILES #178:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    (of the party)
    vector 1
    vector 2

  2. greg raymond says:

    Looks like the makin’ of a fine hangover.

  3. Bluesdude says:

    Nilsson spent the last 20 yrs of his life telling anyone who would listen how Paul’s song “Yesterday” was really “Georgia on my mind” slowed down….it’s not ! And as a musician I don’t know how he made that comparison but Harry was a hater who hated Paul. People don’t realize it but there are only 12 notes in the western scale….12…that’s it ! You are going to have songs that sound similar but to actually plagarize a song you have to write four “Identical” bars of another song to be guilty. The Beatles were the most watched and most careful (well, George had some trouble as did John) writers their were. Sorry Harry…..wrong again !

  4. Art says:

    To Bluesdude; Harry never said the song was “plagiarized,” get your facts straight, instead of trying to create a false controversy. What Nilsson DID was point out the similarities in the tunes… and, in the process, he successfully made the point that you are now trying to pass off as some kind of original insight; that there are only 12 notes in the wester scale. He did it by example… you did it like a pompous know it all (“people don’t realize it, but…”).

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