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12 Responses to “FROM ABOVE:”

  1. kavada says:

    Is this photo a manipulated picture? I’ve never seen from this way. I know the photographer who was taken the pictures to the album “Abbey Road” used a stepladder out in the street, for take pictures.

  2. Chris says:

    I saw this photo on Facebook. I am sure it’s a photo manipulation. The street was probably done with Photoshop’s clone tool. The Beatles were probably done with a 3d tool. I am sure the explanation will be on the web soon.

  3. lizzie says:

    it’s obviously not a real photo, but i sent it because i thought it was cool!

  4. Chris Boone says:

    Yeah, clue # 1 the Super Marioish blocks under the painted lines are video game graphics. #2 George’s arm and hand are definate signs of 3d CGI. #3 paul’s head looks like it came right out of a shower. –still definately cool though.

  5. Alice says:

    Clearly a fake but it’s cleverly done!

  6. Crumb says:

    I remember that a commercial for the remasters featured digital ‘footage’ of the crosswalk photo session. I wonder if this comes from that, or if it’s a new, unique creation?

  7. Another_Fan says:

    Pretty awesome!

  8. Billy says:

    obviously a 3D CGI, but a very cool one… thanks!

  9. BLJ says:

    This is definitely a manipulation but a good one, I must say. Observe closely the hair on John and George, is just a little too shiny. Nevertheless, I still like the picture.

  10. raul says:

    Is a good 3D picture, well done, so many details, in my opinion the only weak detail is Ringo’s left leg/foot…looks to high and not touching the floor …great post!, thanks for share.

  11. Toronto says:

    This picture is a fake…it was taken by

  12. Edward says:

    The picture was a recreation. It was made for SPUK Pictures for their campaign of seeing things from different prespectives. Here’s a video from the Abbey Road shoot and two other recreations.

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