From a Playboy to a man.


This pic is too fantastic for words, if anyone has any further information, please post it.

Thank you Miss Sara.

8 Responses to “From a Playboy to a man.”

  1. Guus says:

    David Sheff and photographer Tom Zuk at the Dakota

  2. Wow for a second there I thought John Oates had somehow broken into the Dakota.

    Welcome back btw.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Wow!!! Great photo!!!

    Great to have you back! <3

  4. jack bauer says:

    Guy on the right looks like Ba Ba Booy Gary D’elabate

  5. derek says:

    I believe the chap third from the left was a pop singer from Liverpool called John. Funny guy they all say.

  6. Stephen Smyth says:

    Hi, never seen this one before! Would be great to have in colour…

    Fantastic photo!

    Most photos from these sessions are in black and white; I’ve only ever seen one colour photo from it…



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