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16 Responses to “FRITZ CHAT:”

  1. stephenmcg says:

    woooow…just after the rolls..speaking of rolls ,which photographer is it?and what else is there in those cameras?

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    This looks pre-game.
    (strategy chat)

  3. Whatever happened to that white Rolls of Lennon’s?

  4. Oops, nevermind. I just found my answer. Allen Klein bought the white Roller from John in late 1969. It is curently owned by his son Jody Klein.

  5. Sara S. says:

    Wow! This is a great photo! Made me spit out the Diet coke I was drinking.

  6. Lizzie says:

    that IS a great photo!

  7. Guitarslinger says:

    This is off-topic….but I know I have the right audience to help with this answer. Q: Who dressed the Beatles? They were always the epitome of fashion-cool…and obviously I can’t imagine Paul and John browsing Harrods…was it their wives? Peter Brown? Who made sure they looked good post touring? Always wondered…..

  8. Chris says:

    Wow! This is an amazing candid shot! I wonder how many other candid shots are out there? Seeing George talking like a regular guy with that background reminds me that the Beatles were indeed humans.

  9. Chris says:

    Why do I get the feeling the photographer is answering George’s question about the type of camera and lens he is using?

  10. Kwai Chang says:

    Who’s back is that?
    Possibly John…
    did Ringo bring a camera?

  11. beatle55 says:

    could be a snap that linda took.

  12. Susan says:

    Ethan Russell, maybe?

  13. Jeremy says:

    Linda, for sure. It’s become routine that Paul offers up a few ‘unseen’ photos of his old band whenever he releases a ‘new’ album. Of course one wonders how many more rolls of Linda’s films remain unseen.

  14. Chris says:

    Jeremy when does Paul do this? Is it in his CD or on his website?

  15. Jeremy says:

    Paul is very guarded with Linda’s photos. Quite rightly. From time to time ‘new’ photos by Linda appear on his website or on the official Beatles website.

  16. Ishie says:

    There were several photographers present that day. The photog in the photo seems to be Bruce McBroom.

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