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  1. Since 1963 says:

    Makes you wonder what John would look like now. This chapter in John’s life is utterly sad.

  2. jamesaway says:

    Read up on Freddie, he was good guy, he had a hard life as many did in the old days who were orphaned out, John was mixed up about everything because his “family” were giving him different versions of events, a common thing too, I think the old freddie was ok, John probably felt that way too in the end.

  3. Elle says:

    The stories about Freddie that I’ve read throughout the years portray him in very different ways. On one hand, he was a runaway dad and on the other hand he was a dad who wanted a very young John but John wanted to stay with his Mother (who decided it would be best to have him raised by her sister and brother in law, Julia’s daughter with Taffy Williams was placed for adoption).
    The Stanley women were very strong willed and they never seemed to have a kind word for Freddie.
    John was hurt by both his mother & father yet somehow I think most of the hurt was caused by Julia. Let’s face it Freddie was nowhere to be seen but Julia was a short walk away living with Bobby Dykins and their daughters. That had to be the ultimate rejection for John. He loved his mother and was totally committed to her once they reunited. I only hope that it was a two street and that he felt that. Based on his songs like “Mother” and the innocence of “Juia” , I never got the impression that really he did and that’s where Yoko comes into play.
    Any thoughts or opinions out there?

  4. Sarah says:

    John has his eyes and nose…
    I feel so sad for the both of them.

  5. Carla says:

    In my opinion, at least the other side of the coin, Pauline’s book is a must and very revealing. The only thing I regret, is the pics (very little, and many of them not very clear).

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