Wow, i cant believe it but less than twenty four hours after posting about the lost Lennon footage a kind viewer sorted it out and turned up the footage, just to be certain he sent along some screen caps which i’ve posted below. I’m so happy about this, the footage was long thought to be totally lost!.

4 Responses to “FOUND!:”

  1. Sherbet Armstrong says:

    Excellent work Swannie!! Quality looks good too. Must admit – I’ve never seen it myself. This will make a great inclusion in the film.

  2. Mark Jones says:

    Wowsers. How can we get a copy? :p

  3. Tammy says:

    Hi, fingers crossed this footage is going to be seen in a major new documentary about John, i wont say too much more at the moment but stay tuned.

  4. Mark says:

    I look at these pictures, John so happy to be getting his green card and I only wish thw opposite were true; John coming out, smoldering with rage about just being told he’d have to leave the US within a week. If only that were true, he’d still be with us today! As a guitarist, I owe the Beatles everything. It all started with them and the only way I can deal with John’s death is to believe he was being saved from a fate worse than death ! Isn’t that crazy ?

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