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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Item: 1 X 10…and, 1 X 12 knotty pine…paint grade/shelving.
    While this is the most clever use ever of the world’s cheapest lumber, the foreman of the crew should be replaced…along with the warped pieces in the middle. I’m sure nobody noticed…but, that stuff isn’t really strong enough to span those distances.
    “I don’t care! I’m not changing those boards…it’s only some guitar band from England!”
    And, the really big shew was resuscitated for another 10 years…
    $25.00 well spent!

  2. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Back to where it all started for me.

  3. Tammy says:

    I’ve never noticed the wood issues before Kwai, how funny, when you look at the set in these photos it really does look as cheap and flimsy as all shit :-)

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    Don’t slam any doors…the ones on top probably aren’t attached.

  5. Cara says:

    Flimsy set (but very retro cool)… and dodgy microphones! You couldn’t even hear John!

  6. Ishie says:

    From this moment on, nothing was ever the same. This started it all for me as it did for Alex and so many of you. In minutes, we were transformed by their magic and little did we know that 50 years on we would feel the same if not more. We journey on today and will continue to do so. With wonderful blogs such as this, we can unite, comment and share with one another. It’s quite remarkable that 4 young Liverpudlian lads brought so many of us together …. Love is a remarkable thing!

  7. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Love is all you need Ishie,
    Where did I hear that line before ???

  8. Michael says:

    Well said, Ishie!

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