Bucket of sawdust to be placed under Lizzie, stat!!

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  1. henry_the_horse says:

    26th September 1967, EMI Studio Two. Re-make of “Fool on the Hill”, Take 5 and 6 (reduction of take 5). Producer: Ken Scott.


  2. lizzie says:

    “tuesday, september 26, 1967: went to cavendish. john arrived at emi at 6:30. posed for me to take a picture. i waited by myself until 2:00am but anthony said they would be very late and would be back tomorrow at 2:30, so i came home. i love him”. this is the kind of stuff you will read in my book. some days have lots of detail, others just a few lines, like this one. sometimes i talk at length about the other beatles, others you would think john was a solo artist. sorry, i was a teenager! bucket of sawdust urgently needed…

  3. Cara says:

    Best profile… ever.

  4. MarkZapp says:

    These two photos from this session are new to me. COOL!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Lovely pictures, thanks for posting. : )

  6. Ken Wood says:

    Lizzie, this was supposedly the first session Yoko attended (there is a photo of her with John that looks like being taken this day). Did you spot her as well?

  7. lizzie says:

    hi ken. as you can read in my earlier post, i left “early” that night (2:00am) and didn’t see them leave. yoko could have come in while i went to get something to eat or to the bathroom. i have her down as being there definitely on october 6th and october 19th. i vividly remember the first time i saw her: john had been on the phone for a while asking this person if he/she would like to come to the recording session. he even asked the doorman for the address (yes, john didn’t remember the address to the studios!) – 3 abbey road – and said he would see this person in half an hour. a cab arrived and out came this short oriental lady all dressed in black (trousers and top – a sweater, i believe), with long hair. unfortunately, i didn’t write down a date for that. i have john using the phone on september 6th (the phone was at the front desk – the old one, not the way it is now), but no mention of yoko. i’m asking everyone who had a diary if they have anything written down for that day but no luck so far.

  8. lizzie says:

    hi again ken. i have seen that photo of john and yoko from that day and that is what she looked like the first time i saw her. i am wondering if this whole phone conversation thing could have happened that day (september 26) and i just didn’t write it down. lord, sometimes i get mad at the teenager me! why did i write so much some days and so little others? and, especially, WHY didn’t i sing a bossa nova when paul asked me “sing in brazilian” inside the studio on the across the universe session, why, why, why??? i knew so many songs, i could have! (maybe, just maybe, the fact that i was 16 and had the 4 beatles and george martin looking at me might have been a little intimidating…).

  9. lizzie says:

    is “spending too much time on the beatlephotoblog during work hours” grounds for getting fired? if so, i’d better get out of here right now!

  10. Cara says:

    Some things are more important than work, Lizzie.., Besides, we’d start an online petition for you if you ever got fired, so don’t worry! The legions of Beatle heads around the world (especially fellow John fans!) have got your back!

  11. Ishie says:

    Lizzie … your journal commentaries are essential to Beatles history. While many of us were in the States (or elsewhere in the world) thinking & wondering about the band, you were there living it! In September 1967, we or should I say I, was listening to Sgt. Pepper and had no clue about anyone or anything entering John’s world. It was John, Cyn & Julian, Ringo, Mo & the kids, Paul & Jane, George & Pattie.
    You really were a witness to the genesis of their relationship. We all know about Indica & have seen the studio photo of John & Yoko on this particular day and then we fast forward to the ‘Yoko plus Me’ art exhibition, Rishikesh, the divorce of John & Cyn etc.
    I’d be interested in reading about your impressions of what was happening during this time. Did you feel that Yoko was vital to John during this period of time in ’67?

  12. Cara says:

    Yes, like Ishie, I am also very curious about John and Yoko’s relationship in ’67. I think it’s a very important sub-text in Beatles history.

  13. shelly says:

    Write Lizzie, write!!

  14. Sara says:

    Lizzie, I wouldn’t be too hard on your teenage self. As someone who was a teenage diary writer myself (although I was writing about teenage boys at my school and not the BEATLES!), I know that sometimes I was too tired to write or I thought something wasn’t as important at that time. Then later I look back and think, “why didn’t I write about when such and such happened!” I do remember that writing takes a long time, and sometimes I just didn’t feel like writing more than a few sentences, then other times I I would write pages and pages about basically nothing. Typical teenager stuff.

    Anyhow…I would imagine the time you recall John on the photo and Yoko appearing was the same as the night that photograph of the two f them at the Fool on the Hill recordings. You didn’t think too much of it at the time. How were you to know that he would marry that woman black?

  15. lizzie says:

    thank you cara – i might end up needing that petition! ishie, cara, shelly and sara: thank you for your comments! i’m a bit nervous now… my silly diaries being essential to Beatles history? my brother (screenwriter, director, actor) is reading them now – he loves them. i am still very insecure. letting people read them will be like standing naked on the street. no wonder it’s taking me 30+ years to get this book out… i would have to read the diaries around when yoko started coming over again and see what i wrote. it couldn’t have been anything too deep, as i was way too young and naive to “get it”. i remember i became jealous of her (as i did with any female coming anywhere near john – including cyn) as time went by and made that very clear in my diaries – which could mean that i sensed something intense was going on. i have to go now but i will see what else i can contribute on this subject.

  16. Louise says:

    They both looks so beautiful in this photo. What a lovely couple. 😉

  17. stephanie says:

    wonderful stories and memories Lizzie !! Thankyou Thankyou! always a pleasure to read your comments

  18. Ishie says:

    Lizzie … your diaries are far from silly. You see, what you and many of the Apple scruffs experienced and witnessed are deatils that no one captured. For instance, the comings and goings at the studio (Yoko in attendance with John) … that was not a media/press story but it was (unbeknownst to you at the time) an important detail that did change John and eventually his relationship with his family & the band.
    Your contributions are wonderful and I look forward to reading them because they always offer a fresh perspective of what it was like to be there.
    Stay well Lizzie!

  19. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Lizzie your’re the BEST

  20. lizzie says:

    stephanie, ishie and alex: i can’t thank you enough for your support! i’ve always loved to write and normally feel quite confident about it, but this book is different… the few people who have read portions of my diaries (including my daughter, who will be 40 next month) absolutely love them. my friend told me i shouldn’t worry about being judged because this is not the 60-year-old mother and grandmother writing, it’s the diaries of a 15-year-old in 1967! i’ll try to calm down…

  21. lizzie says:

    about the scruffs, what i need to let you all know is that there were many girls who were not considered scruffs but had been around WAY before – one of my friends went to the filming of help – and saw much, much more than some of the scruffs ever did. the scruffs only came about in 1969. i hope some of the other girls will eventually want to share their stories and photos, as they are priceless. please don’t take me wrong, i love being considered a scruff and am still good friends with most of them (some i lost touch with ages ago), but the truth is that when some of them arrived on the scene, it wasn’t all 4 beatles together anymore like, for instance, the glorious year of 1967, when we could see them almost every day. all my loving to you all from a warm, beautiful afternoon in rio – no plans to enjoy it, though, since i have to work on the book! i’m just going to go to my window and gaze at the christ statue for a little bit…

  22. Tammy says:

    Lizzie!!, this info and perspective is gold!, re the Yoko sightings and telephone call details, it really helps colour in the time frame just that little bit more, thanks heaps xoxo

  23. A different Jennifer says:

    How do I read your diaries? I am SO interested!!! Is there a special club you have to join? Forgive me, I’m young and have no idea but you sound like you’ve had some AMAZING experiences and believe me I am hanging on every word- and have friends around my age who would be in awe of anything about encountering John or the other Beatles. Ugh, why did I have to be born so many years later?? :(

  24. lizzie says:

    hi, a different jennifer! i have never let anyone read my diaries before… but i am finishing a book where i tell the story of my years in london following the beatles (67-69) along with my many photos. i copied my diaries, letters, notes and everything i could find from those days and you will be able to read them then. i am finishing the version in my language, portuguese, but the english will follow right after. i am at the very end of the reviewing (3rd or 4th…) of the text, hopefully will be finished by tomorrow.

  25. shelly says:

    Lizzie, that’s what so exciting. It is the notes, experiences, adventures, etc., of a 15 year old. In addition, it is Beatle/music history.
    We were all 15 year old girls once, and it is a magical time in ones life. I would give anything to be the worry free, lovely, energetic girl I was. I love memoirs, they take you to a place and time. Nothing is better than that.

  26. Kwai Chang says:

    have no fear…
    you are just the envy of all real fans…
    (make us wait until you are ready)…
    PS- you and my sister are kindred John lovers…
    I wish I could quote some of her expressions about John but they are all x-rated…
    my mother’s ears were never the same…
    she used to love saying “go get that John and Yoko album…you know…the one where thay’re NAKED…” in front of any visitors

  27. Ishie says:

    Lizzie … thanks for setting me straight on the scruff years. I wasn’t sure when they were named or what year they originated in. I knew it was the later part of the 60’s. Years ago, I read Carol Bedford’s book which was interesting but I couldn’t help but wonder what was fact in it and what was fiction or creative license. She did however, give a glimpse into what was happening at the time.
    Your years in London span a period that was most interesting & productive in the history of the band. Touring was over and they became emerged in writing and recording above & beyond anything they had created in the past. You my friend, were there to see and hear it all while it was happening. That in itself is extraordinary.
    All Beatle fans can identify with Lizzie at 15 years of age. We were 15 once too and had an emotional attachment to them as well. You lived our dreams!
    Please continue to share you words and thoughts …. Regards to you & yours!

  28. lizzie says:

    thanks ishie! it’s lovely to wake up and “chat” with all you great people – wish we had a live chat in here, wouldn’t that be fun? the reason denise and i decided to go to london was because they stopped touring. we knew we would never see them in person if we stayed in brazil. and we were not the kind of fans who would be satisfied adoring from a distance… several of our friends here in rio had the financial means to go but they didn’t have the guts. it took two genuine brazilian nuts like us!

  29. lizzie says:

    shelly, it was indeed a magical time to be a teenager in london in the late 60’s – though i lived in oblivion most of the time, john was the center of my life. i was mortified when my mother gave me back all the letters i sent her from london and realized all i talked about was john… barely any news about me, school, work, my life. and kwai, i’m sure your sister and i would have a lot to talk about! miss tammy, it’s a pleasure to share my memories with you & all our friends here. keep up the amazing work you do with this blog – you know very well i am totally addicted to it! xoxoxo

  30. Since 1963 says:

    Lizzie, tell me about it. :)
    Every single day of my life in the last few years I have been visiting this site (plus Kenwood and Sara’s site) sometimes a couple of times a day, sometimes more!
    I am well aware that my life functioned before these blogs, but I am not so sure that it would function the same should they be gone (sorry for the pressure Tammy T.).
    I truly look forward to visiting with you all.

    All You Need Is Love

  31. lizzie says:

    i think i will bring this subject to therapy on tuesday… i’m getting worse by the minute! i am exactly like you, since. when i get up in the morning, first i visit the abbey road webcam to see what the weather is like in london. i just look around for a little bit and remember seeing paul walking from his home, barefoot, and just walking around there and seeing them so many times. then i come here, then to kenwood and sara’s. and i confess i repeat the round to the blogs a couple of times a day. i am sick, ladies and gentlemen, really sick! i look forward to visiting with you all too: come to rio!

  32. henry_the_horse says:

    Appologies. Seems that I made a mistake. The date is not 26th September, 1967, as previously stated. It is Monday 25th September 1967, Studio Two, photograph by Koh Hasebe. Also in attendance was journalist Rumiko Hoshika. The Beatles began work on the rhythm track of “Fool on the Hill” this day, and were photographed while rehearsing and planning ahead how the recording of all the instruments would be.

    Best regards.

  33. henry_the_horse says:

    This is the interview by Rumiko Hoshika from that day:

    Best regards

  34. henry_the_horse says:

    Also in attendance was Yoko Ono.

    And these are the rest of the photographs from that session.

    Best regards.

  35. henry_the_horse says:

    And that classical guitar is Lennon’s Mayoral flamenco negra model. Acquired on the 3rd July 1965 in Hotel Avenida Palace, Barcelona, as also seen on this blog entry.

    Best regards.

  36. lizzie says:

    hi henry. my diary entry for september 25th, 1967 says: “went to cavendish, saw paul twice. went to emi, john came in a white fur coat and had his contact lenses on. waited until 9:30 but it was raining too much so i went home.” the contact lens detail matches the john and yoko photo from that day: he wasn’t wearing his glasses in that photo. i don’t mention yoko, but then, i don’t mention the other beatles either. the only thing i wish i could figure out is if that phone call from the front desk was on that day, which would mean i was there the first time yoko came to the studios. of course, the only person who could confirm that (that john called her and she came half an hour later in a cab) is yoko, and i don’t have her e-mail…

  37. Kwai Chang says:

    Good job, Henry…(and Lizzie)
    these pics were sourced from a very rare Japanese Mag/book that I own…

  38. henry_the_horse says:

    This is the rest of the photographs taken by Koh Hasebe that day.

    Yoko and John with the Mayoral and the Studio Two’s Steinway Vertegrand.

    Best regards.

  39. A different Jennifer says:

    @Lizzie: thank you SO much for working on this book and hopefully we’ll be reading it soon. It sounds so interesting. I wonder if there has ever been a film made about the Scruffs or a semi-fictionalized version of one of their lives and how the Beatles played a part? That would be fantastic to see!!

  40. lizzie says:

    hi a different jennifer. there has never been a movie about the scruffs. i have been corresponding with someone who is trying to write a script. the trouble is there is so little info on the scruffs available! he was basing his story on carol’s book. i told him to be careful, because many things in that book didn’t happen the way they are described and he could get in trouble. i have advanced on my book these last couple of days. now i have to go because my eyes hurt from too much time at the computer. be well, everyone!

  41. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Hi Lizzie,
    You actually saw all 4 Beatles together when they were the Beatles and now you state you look out your window and see Christ. It does not get better then that, you hit for the cycle.

  42. lizzie says:

    hi alex! i hope everyone understands that i live in my hometown of rio de janeiro and i can see the statue of christ the redeemer from my window (in fact, the part of town where i live, “jardim botanico = botanical gardens” has the nickname of “christ’s armpit”, because that’s kinda where we’re located!


    i hope you can see this picture i took from my window.
    and i have no idea what “you hit for the cycle” means, sorry!

  43. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Sorry Lizzie,
    Hitting for the Cycle is a Bronx Term meaning you have done and seen it all. It is a good thing.

  44. lizzie says:

    thanks, alex – one more thing i learn in the english language!

  45. Kwai Chang says:

    have know fear Lizzie…
    we were both learning…
    thanks, Alex

  46. Kwai Chang says:

    buzzzzed again…the brain can’t spell
    no what I mean???

  47. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Kwai, I’m starting to think that you are the Eggman………………
    Lizzie, great pix, everyone I know that went to Rio loved it.

  48. Kwai Chang says:

    I have many talents…
    (I’ll check it out)
    (21 days = incubation period)

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