Fool on the hill:

Call me old fashioned, but i’m pretty sure these guys loved each other, i can see it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I KNOW they loved each other. Even in the midst of their fighting I saw a clip of John and Yoko from The Mike Douglas show in 1971 and John refers to Paul as his best friend. In another one from 1980 John calls Paul his brother.

  2. Marnie Drew says:

    They loved, admired and envied each other in equal proportion. I red somewhere something that John said. when he first met paul he was merely impressed by his musical savvy, and had admitted him into the band for that and because he felt sorry for him, being without a mum. John had just begun to reconnect with his own mum Julia Stanley. So when she was killed, the ONLY other person who knew exactly how John felt was precisely Paul. And that just glued their 2 souls together ina way that one else could have understood. They were brothers!!

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