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6 Responses to “FEATHER IN HIS CAP:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    My official theory:
    The National Health specs were the closest that he could get to achieve that ‘look’. It’s a rare man that finds clarity in his own reflection…but, “since, my nose looks like a ‘K’…and my right ear is a ‘Y’…do the math”
    Thus, if you can feel the light in this man’s eyes, you’ll see that his glasses seem to spell YOKO across his own face…
    Swimming in the soul of an ocean child…involves risk of drowning in her love. No life preserver will work…
    (spinning in the vortex…angels in the architecture…John in the Yoko)

  2. Lizzie says:

    what a fab photo!!! kwai, i don’t think those are national health glasses. he wore the nh ones during the filming of how i won the war. correct me if i’m wrong. and i’ll have to take some time to investigate the yoko thing. later.

  3. Cara says:

    Kwai, I thought John’s face spelled “oJo”… y’know, Spanish for “eye.” Deep stuff.

  4. Since 1963 says:

    One weary little Dickey Bird…

  5. maria.m says:

    lizzi, here one can see the nh glasses very close

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you, both, ever so kindly. I don’t know if my theory could be true…
    It would be impossible to prove.
    Did John know of Yoko when he started the filming of How I Won The War?
    Anyway, this picture is typical of the era…you can practically see the Ocean Child in his eyes. I believe she is the only thing on his mind in this picture.
    Even if the glasses spelled YOKO, they would not be able to conceal his preoccupation with her. It is an unfair life that allows a man to be a world wide icon…without companionship. John was a very patient person to be able to remain hopeful when there was no reason to be…
    Thankfully, that changed in May, 1968…
    John needed to be happy a lot more than he needed to be a Beatle.
    It is amazing that he finally got to be both…
    (the music got better, too)
    Come on is such a joy
    come on is such a joy!!!

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