I’m so glad that by 1980 John had refined his style to look timeless, because i’m hard pressed to think of anyone else in the seventies who had more awful, and dated lookes than John (imo). I can only find a small handful of photo’s between 1970-75 where i think John looks cool, i mean .. seriously people, beige leisure suits?, lets be frank here. The above photo is in my top five nightmare John looks .. Brrrr :-)

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3 Responses to “FASHIONISTALESTA:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    It looks like he’s turning into Dick Cavett AND Mike Douglas…
    (over exposure)

  2. Cara says:

    I could not disagree with you more, my dear Tammy! John had some amazingly iconic looks in the ’70s. Many of them are dated, yes, but that’s because the ’70s were a bit fashion tragic. But John wore it MUCH better than two of his former band mates… and I think he looks groovy here. Hair is rocker shaggy-chic and glasses look groovy. Anything with mullet or plaid is a different story altogether, though…

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