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  1. Lizzie says:

    i know three of those girls, they are new york fans. i’d seen the photos before.

  2. Nick Detaranto says:

    Robin Titone(SP)?

  3. Lizzie says:

    linda (far left), don’t know the short one or can’t remember her, joanne (sadly passed away many years ago) and evy.

  4. Delaware Dave says:

    Any info on when / where pictuer was taken available? Great shots.

  5. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Not your typical Day In The Life. Love that there is a white Volkswagen in the background. Wonder what the license plate was………..

  6. Tammy says:

    Hahaha, never noticed the VW :-)

  7. mcarp555 says:

    Looks like anywhere from ’73-’75 as a guess. The background looks oddly to me like the Southern edge of Regent’s Park, a few blocks North of Baker Street. But if so, it’s a strange place to “run into” Paul McCartney.

  8. JMA689 says:

    was this taken the same day than the “red jacket” photos that were posted here a bit earlier? or was Paul always wearing this tshirt with this jacket? 😉

  9. Sara S. says:

    Here is the blog where the photos came with along with the story behind it. Make sure to look at the whole blog. Great stuff on there!

  10. Pete F. says:

    Many thanks for the link Sara. Great story!

  11. Oh wow!, thanks for the link, i had no idea where the photos came from, what great fan storys, as well as the friendship aspect :-)

  12. mcarp555 says:

    So not only a dream couple of pix with Paul, but pics taken BY LINDA!. Awesome.

  13. Lizzie says:

    dear sara, your link to this blog has made friends who hadn’t heard from each other in 40 years be back in touch! cindy has been writing me (she sent me amazing photos of many mutual friends from the 70’s) and i’ve forwarded her e-mail and blog link to everyone who could possibly have known her. i’ve done this before and it’s amazing: one of the great sides of the internet! i told her she should have her stories open, not with links inside the blog, and should have a place where people could follow the blog. she said she’s new to this blog thing and is trying to figure out things. there are so many fab stories out there, and we all love to read them! thanks, sara!

  14. Steve in the Bronx says:

    looks like Paul just walked off the set of Magical Mystery Tour.

  15. stephanie says:

    wonderful pics, and the back story is incredible, thanks Sarah. Yet another example of Macca being so down to earth and friendly & humble to his fans. Always has been, and continues to be to this day. One of many reasons why we love him so much. And Lizzie , so wonderful you can connect up with old friends through here and on FB. Love reading your comments and stories :)

  16. Hitachi says:

    OK gang. I have some questions and theories. Firstly (at Cindy’s blog) she has a pic of Paul’s car apparently taken the same time as the wonderful fan group pics. The car is outside “Cafe Du Parc”. Now this Cafe is and has always been in Washington DC and never in New York from what I can ascertain but its mentioned on her blog that Paul was in NYC. Can we get an exact location that the pics were actually taken please?
    Next…. Paul flew into NY on June 1, 1974 then flew to LA (within the next day or two) to produce a Peggy Lee session for his song “Lets Love” which was completed by June 5. On the evening of June 6 Paul & family flew into Nashville. They returned to NY on or about July 19 (and visited John & May on July 20). I say all this because Paul looks very much like the day before leaving Nashville rather than when he first left England. Could these pics have been taken in NY (or Washington) in July?? More info if you can please.

  17. Lizzie says:

    hi hitachi, i haven’t read the blog yet but i suggest you contact cindy directly.

  18. Hitachi says:

    Have done so Lizzie and have already received a lovely reply. It’s definitely New York and either June or July. The car he was driving had Texas number plates which suggests it may be the car they hired to drive from Nashville to NY placing this as July as I had suspected :). I love a good mystery!

  19. Tammy says:

    I love a good answer, as well as a correct date.

  20. Sara S. says:

    So glad that I could be of some help! Can you all help me back and click my link for the Paul autograph??

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