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8 Responses to “FAN PHOTO:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    I gotta million friends!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Paul is doing something with his mouth. It reminds me of a llama getting ready to thing to someone who is too close.

    Oh, that fan; he looks a bit evil.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    It almost looks like they know each other…
    (hanging out at ALLIANCE Building Society)
    …and no protection…
    insurance and mortgage window shoppers
    Macca FANtanstic and the Brown Dirt Shutterbug

  4. Joy says:

    I was rather suprised at first when looking at this photo – the fan looks a bit like Dhani (is it my imagnation or do I need glasses-LOL!)

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    somewhere in the archives(this blog)…
    is a pic of paul hanging/posing with a guy named jaimey(?)…
    I thought it was him without the beard and a little thinner
    (but that’s a longshot)
    probably a ninja bodyguard

  6. Steve in the Bronx says:

    This is a cool pic but not as cool as the Matt Dillon pic with John Lennon from 1980.

  7. Bluesdude says:

    I always heard the Beatles were pretty good at posing with fans…if you caught them at the right time ! John used to tell a lot of fans, depending on his mood, that he didn’t sign autographs. Paul would play the “I’m in a hurry” thing but dear, dear George was the best….Except at Friar Park ! He was really funny about fans at the entrance to his estate after 1980. Prior to 1980 though the gates were never locked during the day and if you happened to wonder onto the grounds most times, by either Peter or Harold, you would get a quick point-out of the landmarks before gently lead of the grounds. I heard once that if George and his family were in residence, the gates were generally locked. That’s how you knew if he was there or not.

  8. lizzie says:

    hi bluesdude, i was in london from early 67 to late 69 and john never said he didn’t sign autographs in the many, many times i saw him. maybe what you’re mentioning happened later on. all of them would sign, no problem, if they had the time. as for posing with fans, it did happen now and again, but we had such little time to get a photo (remember… we had little plastic cameras with zero technology) while they were going in or out of emi, paul’s house, etc. that it wasn’t an everyday thing. there are a couple of photos where i’m “with” paul but it’s just because i happened to be standing near him and someone took the photo. i have ONE blurry posed photo with john. i can’t imagine why i didn’t ask to have my photo taken with him more times than that one, especially when i saw that it was out of focus. we asked to have our picture taken with our “fave” guy, not any of the others. the only one of us who had that great idea – to pose with each beatle – was my american friend cathy (apple scruff). i think tammy might have posted her 4 photos here somewhere. from the amount of tourists that were at emi each summer, i imagine there must be several photos of me somewhere near john out there in the world – would love to see them!

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