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6 Responses to “FAMILY IN LAW:”

  1. alex of da bronx says:

    This could have been a dangerous crew back in the 70’s now it would be wonderful if they did something together, along with Ringo, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. Just dreaming in the Bronx.

  2. Joy says:

    I know this is a BEATLES blog – but can anyone tell me how old Keith Richards is?

  3. Cara says:

    Joy, Keef will turn 70 in December. (Mick did it a few day ago.)

  4. JSD says:

    Paul recently played with Ron Wood but how awesome would it be if Paul played with the Stones proper, for a Stones’ encore perhaps!

    When Paul played recently during a Bruce Springsteen encore in London, it was an absolute Rock Summit. Paul looked and sounded great, he was invigorated to be onstage with another great Rocker.

    Paul was always friends with the Stones, it is time to put their professional rivalry and competition aside and rock out once for the history books!

  5. Jorge says:

    Life’s been good to him so far!

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    How old is Keef(Kif)?
    I’m not sure fossils can petrify in only 70 years…
    Mick Taylor rules!

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