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6 Responses to “FABS AND MYSTERY GIRLS:”

  1. Sara S. says:

    Not a mystery at all. They are the officers of the Dallas Beatles fan club (two of their names are Yolanda and Stephanie) and they met the Beatles in their hotel room during the 1964 tour and presented them with cowboy hats.

  2. CS says:

    Damn! And I was going to say that was me sitting between John and Paul… but I’ve never been to Dallas!

  3. Mark Naboshek says:

    Sara is correct, but I have a bit more info. This photo was taken of the Dallas Fan Club presidents with the Beatles in their hotel room at the Cabana Motor Hotel in Dallas in the wee hours of September 18, 1964. It was taken around 2:00 in the morning. The Fabs had just arrived in Dallas from Kansas City at 12:40 a.m. and were driven straight to the hotel. The Dallas fan club co-presidents were Stephanie Pinter (far left) and Yolanda Hernandez (bottom center). Notice how they wore the same dresses (which they always did for Beatles functions to show solidarity as co-presidents). The third girl shown (standing between Paul and John) was Marie Leggett. Stephanie and Yolanda had never met Marie until that night and apparently she was the head of a different club. The girls spent nearly 2-1/2 hours in the hotel room with the boys (along with reporters and the Beatles’ entourage). I have all the details, but it’s much too lengthy to write here. Brian Epstein had arranged the meeting for Stephanie and Yolanda and, near the end of their visit, he suggested to Stephanie that she get the Boys’ autographs. He handed her his own pen and a pad of hotel notepaper. She went around and got all four signature and then asked Brian for his. He signed the paper as well. In the photo, you can see Stephanie (far left) holding the piece of autographed paper. I now own that set of autographs (which I bought from Stephanie in 1992). By the way, Stephanie and Yolanda gave The Beatles those black cowboys hats (Stetsons) which you see them wearing in all the photos taken on September 19th at the Pigman Ranch in Alton, Missouri. Later, in L.A. in August 1966, the two girls (plus Stephanie’s sister Debbie) were at the Capitol Records building in Hollywood for the Beatles’ press conference and the presentation of the “Revolver” gold record. The girls gave them personalized branding irons and photos and video exist of that ceremony. By the way, the cowboy hats weren’t presented to the boys that night in the Dallas hotel room. Stephanie and Yolanda deliberately waited until before the concert the next night to give them the hats because they wanted another excuse to see them! They gave them the hats at Dallas Memorial Auditorium (the concert venue) and attended the press conference.

  4. Mark Naboshek says:

    One more thing about the photo (which I forgot in my earlier post). The photo was taken by Derek Taylor with Ringo’s Polaroid camera. When it came time to take the picture, Derek asked Ringo to get his camera. He did. Ringo then arranged the girls in a grouping with Paul, George and John, gave the camera to Derek and then got into the shot himself, crouching down next to Yolanda. Stephanie had tried to position herself in that spot between George and Paul because Paul was her favorite Beatle. But as she tried to get past George, he pulled her closer and told her to stay put with him. George asked her how old she was and Stephanie replied “Fifteen”. George then called across the room to Epstein, yelling “Brian, we have illegals in the room!” This is a story straight from the mouth of Stephanie Pinter!

  5. Alpha Bitch says:

    Reading this, it strikes me how accommodating and generous they were so much of the time — with their time.

    Something else strikes me.

    Personalized. Branding. Irons.

  6. Dale Foster says:


    Would you or anyone you know what the room # was that this picture was taken from?

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