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3 Responses to “FAB OUTTAKE:”

  1. Since 1963 says:

    A couple of years earlier it was bar fights, Prellis, arson, jail cells, robbery, deportation, and all that St. Pauli had to offer.
    Now it’s this. Cute little monkey suits, sweet smiles, and boy band stickiness. What were they really thinking (besides that they were getting richer each day up here on the toppermost)?

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    @Since 1963…
    “What were they really thinking???”
    How about:
    There was this one German chick that really helped us. We were all four in love with her…she might have even broke up the band. But, she just played with our emotions…teased us…promised us things…kept us up late. We thought she would really take us seriously…but in the end, she didn’t even say goodbye. Everything after that, was just not the same. Even after we got famous, she never even tried to contact us. It took some real big effort to adjust to life without her. We had actually planned to go back to Hamburg and try to find her. We never did go…but, we really wanted to. Eventually, we quit talking about her…
    We all missed her dearly.
    “Her name”?
    (got meth?)

  3. Michoo says:

    hahahahaah, nice one Kwai, im sure that it was what they were really thinking 😉

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