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  1. Anonymous says:


    Anyone have a timeline on this? Looks like late ’68 maybe, when George was over in America. Or…?

  2. Anonymous says:

    That's Nov. 29, 1968, Woodstock, NY, at Dylan's farm. I think it was during this trip that George & Dylan wrote I'd Have You Anytime.

  3. Cláudia Antunes says:

    I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I love George Harrison, the spiritual beatle.

  4. Chris Lupetti says:

    What an awesome photo of George Harrison and Bob Dylan. It belongs on a poster. It must be during George’s visit to Bob’s Woodstock home.

  5. Cláudia Antunes says:

    Dear Tammy:

    I don’t speack English, but I speack French and Portuguese.
    Please, Tammy, modernize your blog all days! It´s fantatisc!

    I have my name in orkut and 24 albuns with Beatles. Many photos I retired of your blog!

    Beijos, saudades!


    George Harrison is more than more the first in my heart!

  6. Aniat says:

    Oh yeah, Dylan!
    And the other…?

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