4 Responses to “Exhale.”

  1. alf says:

    No…but …well y’know it’s like we were saying the other day y’know – if there is an ‘up’ then where were we when we were ‘down’ y’know – and it’s all sort of like relative – in a circumstantial kind of thing- if you can look back at it all from where you are today – y’know – sort of ?

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    common denominator mechanism
    that gave us the belief that they were just ordinary guys.
    In practical terms, this is how to keep up with the cancer of fame.
    (…and, on the Seventh Day, God said “Screw this crap…
    I’m creating marijuana”)
    Thank you, Tammy.
    The exhale will now begin…everything is back to norbal!
    I guess they missed out on hashish at the Reeperbahn…too spooky.
    Preludin might have rendered it useless!

  3. Lizzie says:

    Got it, alf!

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