Sean wearing one of his dad’s shirts, that he’d word while holding Sean as a baby.

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  1. Chris says:

    I love John’s look in 1979. And to think I was working at the Harmony Hut record store pushing his albums on everyone! I was pining for the day he would come out of retirement!!!!

  2. Leah says:

    So cool! And Bijou Philips! She’s now engaged to one of my favorite TV actors..

  3. Jennifer says:

    These are so sweet, thanks for sharing them. : ) <3

  4. giuliana says:

    I am 47, and I love to wear my dad’s old pullovers or sweatshirts or shirts… I love these pix

  5. j0j0 says:

    Sean need to wear his own cloths and get his own life. Don’t take me the wong way. I think he could do some good things and contributions except, he spends more time than he should trying to trace his dads tracks. i.e. Photo shoot with model nude like his dad on cover if rolling stone, and some other photos I ‘ve seen over the years.

  6. jma689 says:

    @ J0J0 : maybe he wishes he could have known his dad better or being around him longer… This shirt thing is cute, it’s not like he is doing it in an obvious manner.

  7. A different Jennifer says:

    j0j0: Um, Sean has his own life and a pretty cool one. I consider myself a Sean Lennon fan, as I have adored his music since his first album was released and been following him since. He’s a tremendously talented individual who can play every instrument extremely well. He’s also developed into a wonderful songwriter, and his album “Friendly Fire” is a fantastic record- I’d go so far as to call it a masterpiece. It’s perfect through and through. His work in Cibo Matto and producing his mother’s album is also quite fantastic. I love the classical album he released, and the newest venture with his band the Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger is amazing. I saw them live, met him, and not only are they incredible to see (go! I urge you!!!) Sean is the nicest famous encounter I have ever had- a truly gentle, sweet, and charming guy.

    Just because he wears his dad’s clothes or does similar photo shoots doesn’t mean he’s some kind of delusional wannabe of his dad. This guy is very much an individual- and a fairly brilliant one at that.

  8. Brian says:

    Same shirt as in the returning from South Africa plane photo….

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