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  1. A Different Chris says:

    Lucky microphone.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Dig it…
    there are songs nobody would ever write
    but, somehow they get sung…
    Wouldn’t footage of Maggie Mae have made the movie better…
    (So WHY the album?)

  3. Pete F. says:

    Lucy photobomb

  4. Lizzie says:

    Guys love guitars… girls love John’s face! I’d never seen this photo before.

  5. stephenmcg says:

    From the 1+ DVD book as opposed to not being in get back/let it be book which is doubly ironic as youre on the pre spector version of the LP!

  6. Lizzie says:

    Hi everyone! A few hours ago I had the pleasure of holding the first copy of my book. The printers sent 5 copies. The other 995 will arrive on Monday. Actually, 150 of those left today for the city of Belo Horizonte, where I’m having two events during the yearly BH Beatle Week from December 10 to 13th. It’s a mixture of amazement, doubt, joy: did I really do this? It’s ready after soooo many years? Yes, it’s ready and heavy: something like 1.600kg (I took it to the post office). I don’t know what to say. I just wanted you, my dear friends from this amazing blog, to know! It’s been raining all day in Rio, but not in my heart. I’m a happy girl!

  7. Hi there Lizzie – how can we buy your book? Is there an online site?

    Btw congratulations – sounds like you have worked your tail off so it must be great to see this come to its’ fruition :-)

  8. Since 1963 says:

    Congratulations, Lizzie! I’m so happy for you. I’m also so happy for all the fans out there who have, first dreamed of, then hoped, then waited and encouraged you to publish this book. I love you for writing it, and cannot wait for my English copy.

  9. Nick D. says:

    Hi Lizzie!
    Congrats on your new book, So excited for you. Cannot wait to be able to read your story and photos. Please let everyone know when we can purchase it!

  10. don percy says:

    Well done Lizzie. Can’t wait to get a copy. A monumental effort! Cheers. Don

  11. Anonymoustill says:

    Can’t wait to read it Lizzie. Please keep us all informed! Congratulations! We know it’s been a monumental effort and it will be a great read!

  12. mcarp555 says:

    Wait, it’s not in English yet, is it? That’s the one we’re all going to have to wait for. Hopefully these will sell like hotcakes and demand for a translated version will be high. Plenty of preorders right here on this site, ready to go!

  13. Lizzie says:

    Dear friends, it’s a good thing I have a huge behind, because I have definitely been working it off. My eyes hurt from so many hours in front of the computer. I need to count again today, but I sold over 400 copies on the pre-order. I think this is an amazing thing because Brazilians do not have the habit of buying anything in advance. Also, I have not started talking to the press, so this was done solely through e-mails to friends and Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I never go to the last two, but am quite active on FB. I am going crazy making sure I have everybody’s address, checking everything – but I’m sure there will be mistakes, since I’m doing it all myself – and now more than ever I KNOW I cannot publish an English version and sell it to the whole world from here, by myself. No f…ing way! So… I am very sorry, but all of you will have to wait until I find a publishing company that will want my book, since all of the ones I have approached over the years have said no. Thank you all so much for your love and support. My story is out, if only to those who speak Portuguese. I am so exhausted I have counted the Beatle photos in the book three times recently. Once I came up with 206, the other 210 and the other 215. I am now telling people 200+ photos, since I can’t figure it out! Unfortunately, it costs more to ship the book to the US and Europe than the actual price of the book! Take care, you all!

  14. Lizzie says:

    There were some crazy people from the UK, Italy, US, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and France who bought the book in Portuguese. I am now informing them how much they have to send for postage, since I wanted to have the real book in my hands and not just guess its weight before I told them. If anyone needs to reach me, I’m easy like Sunday morning: either on lizzie.bravo@gmail.com or Facebook.

  15. Nick D. says:

    Have you looked into this avenue for publishing your book outside of Brazil? I don’t know but I thought I would pass it along for you.


  16. Nick D. says:

    @Lizzie, how about a Go Fund Kickstarter way of doing it?

  17. Lizzie says:

    Thanks Nick. I have looked into several things, including the ones you mention. Kickstarter does not do crowdfunding for us Brazilians. I have spoken to them. the problem is not so much raising the money. It’s printing in Brazil and mailing abroad, being that the postage is much more money than the book. AND, having to do it ALL myself. If I am going totally crazy with 1000 books, can you imagine 5.000 for the whole world? I can’t do it…

  18. Vin says:

    Congratulations, Lizzie! Your book WILL be published in English one day! How can it not be? You will find a publisher. You will find a publisher. Go … to … the … window, etc.

  19. Lizzie says:

    thanks, vin! i am sending a copy to my us attorney (he is an entertainment attorney and his clients are the likes of eric clapton, madonna, etc.). he is an old friend. he loves my story and wants to take it to major publishers in the us. i will forward the chapters that i have already translated to english. wish me luck!

  20. Vin says:

    Best of British/Brazilian luck, Lizzie Bravo!

  21. mcarp555 says:

    I’ve spoken to Axel over at Apcor books (http://aisforapplebook.com/apcor.html), and he says they’re definitely interested, if you’d like to get in touch with him. They’re releasing a book from Kevin Harrington any day now.

  22. MarkC says:

    Genesis should put it out in English.

  23. lizzie says:

    thank you SO much, mcarp555, but right now i have to concentrate on this release. i will get in touch with them when this first batch of hundreds of books are mailed (in fact, i have to check with my attorney, i don’t want to interfere with what he is doing regarding my book).

  24. lizzie says:

    by the way, i remember kevin: lovely guy! so glad he’s publishing a book.

  25. mcarp555 says:

    I had the pleasure of proofreading Kevin’s book; not a major tome, but certainly full of insights regarding working for the band. I hope someday someone writes the definitive biography of Mal Evans; what a character!

  26. Kwai Chang says:

    Dig It
    There are books everyone wants to write
    But, they never get written…
    Finally, one of them is going to be read.
    Dig It, Dig It, Dig It, Dig It
    That was can you read it by Lizzie Bravo
    and now, we’d like to do
    Hark, The Angels Come
    Come hither, Betty
    You’ve got a lucky book:)

  27. Lizzie says:

    thanks, kwai! i have been typing labels all day. not finished yet. it pours in rio de janeiro! i don’t know what come hither means, here i go to google! good night all.

  28. Lizzie says:

    “inviting or enticing, especially in a sexually provocative manner; beckoning”- did i do any of that? yikes! i don’t know what beckoning means either. remember peope, i never formally learnt english, just picked it up along the way. i give up! back to typing labels.

  29. Vin says:

    Lizzie, to “beckon” someone means to wordlessly ask someone to come to you – to join you – usually by means of a hand gesture or a movement of the head. “Come hither” is just an old-fashioned way of saying “come here”, BUT – a “come hither look” is an “inviting, enticing” look, which says: “If you want it, here it is – come and get it!” I’m sure Kwai intended the innocent meaning!

  30. Nick D. says:

    May create a website and scan your book and charge people admission. At least we could see it and you would make money.

  31. Kwai Chang says:

    ‘Come hither’
    As you know, I learned most of my linguistic skills by reading John’s two books. Since the 5th grade, I have always marveled at John’s torturous usage of harmless words(some of them invented by him). I think I saw John’s picture from around 1961 that he had sent to Mimi. It had ‘come hither’ scrawled across it. I figured it must be slang since you never hear the word ‘hither’ in the U.S.A. Anyway, I found out it meant ‘here’ and still thought it odd that John’s written use of it was some sort of code. Being to Mimi(?)…I took it to be compimentary…respectful.
    Whether it was any of that is unkown to me. But, a dictionary sure isn’t going tpo help either…
    So, ANYWAY…we would certainly love to see Lizzie’s book generate lots of momentum for itself. If that can be accomplished by anything we learned from the Beatles…then, Life is good.
    John would be proud.
    Congratulations, Lizzie

    You’re our Betty

  32. Hey Kwai, I remember when I first saw that ‘Come Hither’ scrawling – I wondered if John was mocking (playfully) Mimi. Perhaps she would say Come Hither to him when he lived with her. John always seemed to insert some degree of humor into everything. Who knows, it’s fun to speculate.

    On a related topic, I thought it was cool of Paul to approach the film people that did the film bio in ’09 on John’s childhood, the film with Kristin Scott Thomas in it. They were originally going to cast Mimi in a negative light but Paul urged them not to, that she was not the kind of person she really was.

  33. oops – meant to write that she was not kind of person.

  34. Kwai Chang says:

    I’m certain that Johm’s humor was a refinement of Mimi’s own. Honed to a razor with a chameleon-like ability to play into any context at hand. Most of it was in place early on…just watching Mimi. By the return from Hamburg, it was honed…
    Do you have any hobbies?

    So, he was forever in Mimi’s debt. And he kept making payments to her. Like when he told her they were naming the baby ‘Sean’…
    And, Mimi said…

    (Well, she didn’t say ‘Tee-Hee-Hee’…)

  35. Lizzie says:

    dear everybody: i am a nervous wreck! the truck should be here any minute with 250 of the 1000 books! and don’t you worry, i am having an e-book done soon, could be next week. i have requested (and received) the isbn for it, have the company that will turn it into e-book format and the cost, and the german company that will distribute it worldwide. please be a little patient and you will see all the photos!

  36. Lizzie says:

    THE BOOKS ARE HERE, THE BOOKS ARE HERE, THE BOOKS ARE HERE!!!!!! It only took me some 30 years or more, but my dream is now a reality. Beyond excited!

  37. Vin says:

    Bravo, Bravo!

    O sonho acabou. O que posso dizer? O sonho acabou – ontem. Eu era uma maçã desalinhado, mas agora estou renascido (como escritor). Eu era um Betty, mas agora eu sou Lizzie. E essa é a realidade. E assim, queridos amigos, você só vai ter que comprar a maldita coisa! O sonho acabou. (Estou aprendendo Português para que eu possa ler o seu livro!)

    Nada vai mudar meu mundo! Eu acredito em Beatles!

  38. don percy says:

    Yay Lizzie!

  39. mcarp555 says:

    And I’ve been knocking but no one answers
    And I’ve been knocking most all the day
    Oh and I’ve been calling oh hey hey Johnny
    Can’t you come out to play?

  40. MarkZapp says:

    Remembering John today with sadness but also grateful for his contributions. You’ll never be forgotten.

  41. Pete F. says:

    Great news Lizzie!!! So happy for you! I will look for the ebook when it”s ready. That will keep me happy until I can get my hands on an english hardcopy.


  42. henry_the_horse says:

    22/01/69, the only Let It Be date they used those KM56 for vocals. Photograph: Ethan Russell.

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