Ebay find.

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  1. Jorge says:

    The guy on the right kinda sorta looks like a young David Geffen

  2. That’s what I thought Jorge :-)

  3. mcarp555 says:

    I was thinking Ben Affleck’s dad, perhaps?

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    The Buddy Holly impression isn’t bad…
    (and, The Incisors…chirp, chirp, chirp w/ a lisp)

  5. peterq says:

    The bloke with the glasses looks like the bass guitarist from Rory Storm & the Hurricanes Lu Walters, the jacket and tie that he and Ringo have look similar.
    The pic is taken at the Cavern, so maybe the Beatles and the Hurricanes were playing on the same bill that night.

    The Hurricanes also had another bass player with glasses, Bobby Thompson, but it isn’t him.

  6. Ken Wood says:

    Wow, another pic of George & Ringo before Ringo joined the Beatles. I think up until now we only had one of these (Ringo in Suit, George in Leather, around a drum kit). Not sure but I think in Lewisohn there is a reference to a photo showing them both and this might be it.

  7. Ken Wood says:

    Tune In (Chapter 24):
    “Elsewhere in the issue [Mersey Beat, third edition?], the Beatles were […] were named in a prominent front-page ad for the Cavern’s all-night session on Saturday 5 August.”
    “At least two of the Hurricanes – Ringo and Lu ‘Wally’ Walters – were there as spectators, taking advantage of their Butlin’s day off to return to Liverpool again. A photo of them flanking George Harrison, who had an arm on their shoulders, appeared in the fourth Mersey Beat, the first known occasion Ringo was pictured with a Beatle. An atmospheric action shot of the Beatles in mid-performance – John giving his all at the mike – ran on the front page.”

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