As far as i can work out this is the order of sequence of Photo’s taken of John leaving the Dakota at around 5.30pm on December the 8th 1980. After i published that dark photo a week or so ago of John leaving the Dakota, readers of my blog asked if i had any others, so here i’ve gathered all the photo’s that have surfaced so far and i’ve placed them in the sequence that looks correct to me. I do have many other photo’s of John taken earlier in the day but i’ll save those for a later post.


This is John walking out of the Dakota, this under exposed photo has only just surfaced.


Here John has stopped to sign the autograph.

PHOTO 3 + 4:

John is turning towards the car, any idea’s what John has in his hands beside the pen?, looks to me like he may have signed another autograph, perhaps a book or a piece of paper, the other item in his hand has me stumped, to me it looks like a cassette walkman, the B/W version of the photo gives a little more detail of John, but not of the items in his hand.

PHOTO 5 + 6 + 7:

These three photo’s are the same but each one is slightly zoomed in, here in photo six you can see John has reached the car. I have to wonder just how many people were around at this time, i always assumed it was only Paul Goresh and *** but maybe there were more, it’s amazing we’ve never heard from them.


This is the last autograph John gave, it was given to the receptionist at the Record Plant at approx 10.30pm as he and Yoko left for home.

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  1. Casey says:

    Thanks so much for the post! I look forward to when you’ll post the earlier photos from 12/8/80. Do you have all the Leibovitz photos?
    I believe John is balancing some cassettes on a record album (that he signed for ***) and perhaps some papers. I didn’t make out a tape player, though he had one on the fatal trip back to 72nd St. The back of the glossy LP reflects John’s fingers on his left hand. You can catch the hint of the top spine of the LP in the photo as well as the partially opened LP sleeve edge that faced Paul as he snapped the picture. John only had about 6 hours to live when it was taken. Sigh…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, looks like 3 cassette tapes (one in the middle looks like a TDK branded one), a folded sheet of paper (perhaps mixing notes), and the album he signed.

    Thanks again for sharing, Mike

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, this are nice pictures, but it also makes me very sad…

  4. Randy says:

    From the moment I heard the news in 80 to now I often dream of going back to that night and changing history.

  5. Jeremy Ball says:

    Thanks for posting! I’ve seen all of them except the one where he’s holding the pen, cassetts, etc and looking to the right. After he signed the autograph for ***, he asked “Is that all you want?”. I wonder if that picture was taken at that moment. If you look at his jacket, you can see the same creases and lighting on the right shoulder, plus he seems to be looking directly at *** (if you look at them side by side). Just a thought. It makes me sad to see this, I wish I could go back and change that night.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello Tammy,
    I’m doing a documentary about John Lennon for the French National TV. I have a few questions about the pics you found of Lennon on Dec 8, 1980.
    Can you write me an email please?


  7. Tammy says:

    Hi, these are photo’s from my collection that i’ve taken screen captures of or have scanned, the couple i found on the net i have no idea where i got them, it was so long ago.

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