Above are a couple of photo’s which i think may be from the deleted scene that is supposedly going to be included on the new HELP dvd coming out in October, the photo’s above show Frankie Howard and Wendy Richards (Miss Brahms) with Paul, the press release stated that the deleted scene to be included does feature Wendy so i’m thinking this may be it.

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  1. Anna says:

    What was with Richard Lester and deleting Paul’s scenes?

    He was the only one in “A Hard Day’s night” without a scene of his own. Supposedly Richard Lester’s rationale was that Paul had the grandfather’s storyline, but Paul didn’t get a single scene of his own without the others. It was a short enough movie; surely there was room for it. You have no idea how mad that makes me!

    And there’s also a Paul deleted scene in Help! ? Auggghhh!!

    BTW, I just dicovered this blog. Thank you so much for this!

  2. talanca says:

    In fact he had his own scene on “A Hard Day’s night”, but it was cutted off from the final version. There are photos of it.

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