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  1. Nick says:

    A very, very sad day for the world!

  2. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    God, had to be one of the worst days of his life, can’t help thinking that it had to pass through his mind, first me mum and now Linda. As good as life is sometimes it really sucks also.

  3. Ishie says:

    I just watched the David Frost/Paul interview and Paul mentioned that Linda’s physician had privately told him that the disease was quite advanced by the time of her diagnosis. It was very sad to see him talk about that period in his life.
    They forged on together and hoped for the best and unfortunately that was not to be ….
    She is missed and loved!

  4. Lizzie Bravo says:

    i watched that too, ishie, and i can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been for him to know from day one that she wouldn’t make it. i just went through the same thing with a dear friend (40-year friendship). spent time with her for a whole year, knowing she wouldn’t make it and yet encouraging her since she believed she would be ok. very sad. must be really tough on the girls that their mum never met her grandchildren. can you imagine how much linda would have loved to have all those kids around her? life is not fair.

  5. JOhn in NJ says:

    I miss Linda very much. I miss her harmonies on Paul’s recordings.
    We lost our 5 year old granddaughter 5 years ago and my sister-in-law a few months later to cancer.

    It is such a sad disease.

    Paul will always carry Linda in his heart. “I’m carrying…”

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    For me, it’s all too painful.
    My Mom died from that crap on August 18, 2012.
    I’m still in a funk, a rut, a depression…
    It is a pain so deep that it will be unknown to most…
    but, My Beatles have never NOT been there for me and to see them in pain is nothing but my own pain, too.
    If I could take it away, I would…
    (In more recent news…
    THIS IS ALL A DREAM, anyway)
    Sincerely, with much love
    Kwai Chang
    PS- Thanks for the medicine, Tammy

  7. Tammy says:

    I feel a similar pain Kwai, but you know that. I’ve been broadsided by this year, and somedays it’s literally taken every single once of energy i have just to post here, literally to the point of me collapsing at the computer, and having to drag myself into bed, such is my depleated reserves. Grief is such a personal, and profound thing, especially if you choose to go through it, and not block it out (only fucking oneself for any future personal growth and enlightenment). The losses this year, the trauma, the stress has rendered me utterly incapacitated, the old lady next door stopped me the other, looked at me and said ‘You’re not the same anymore darling’ i went to offer some words of defence or self encouragement, but not a sound came out. I hedged posting this photo, but Pauls eyes say so much, i’d seen it posted elsewhere without the context, and the inacurate comments it garnered, and i wanted to right that. This year has brought me a new understanding of Pauls loss(es), but not just Paul, everyones. Not sure what we’re supposed to learn, or gain from this year, i have a feeling it will still be quite a while before we know. x

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    at this point…your words are comforting…
    even if your heart is broken or your face is sad.
    Thank you…we will climb the mountain “together”

  9. Ishie says:

    Tammy, Lizzie & Kwai … I am so sorry for the losses & pain that you have had to endure. No one is ever prepared for the grief or the emptiness that it brings. There are moments when one can find comfort in memories and in the love shared and somehow find the will to move on.
    I wish you all the best …. and the strength to carry on!

  10. Ines says:

    He looks extremaly devastated in that picture…

    I’ve never seen such a loving marriage. I believe in their really deep love to theirselves like in no other married couple.

    Besides, he lost her mother who had a cancer, his wife – the same illness, and his best friend who was murdered, and he still keep rocking! That is incredible!

  11. Peter Hodgson says:

    It will be 4 years on Friday that I lost my beautiful daughter Olivia to Leukemia.
    She was only 8 and it was very sudden, 3 days after diagnosos.
    She would have been 12 a couple of weeks ago.
    It hurts like hell, but together we all soldier on and make the best of what we have.

  12. Lizzie Bravo says:

    dearest tammy, kwai and peter: please know that you are not alone in your grief, i’m sure many people who visit this blog are thinking of you. in a way, it’s still amazing to an old gal like me to think the internet has allowed us to form such a bond with people all over the world. i consider you my true friends, and am only waiting for the day when we meet personally. peter: i am planning to go to my first beatle week in liverpool in 2013, so i’m sure we’ll meet then! hang in there, everybody!

  13. Nick says:

    Wow! I got teary eyed reading this post. I pray for everyone who has suffered losses this year. I hope 2013 will bring a bit of sunshine and happiness to everyone. Hugs Beatle People! :)

  14. Nick says:

    Will you ever come back to Beatlefest in NJ?

  15. Kwai Chang says:

    Me too, me too, me, I mean…it’s mutual!
    is it really dizzy miss lizzie
    or a very pretty betty?

  16. Ken Wood says:


  17. Tammy says:

    Oh Peter, i had no idea .. i can’t concieve of such a loss. We do carry on, and we do move forward, it’s just that initial time of moving beyond the hurt and sadness.

  18. Lizzie Bravo says:

    hi nick! i don’t have any plans for the us so far. i’m going to my first beatle week in august and now i’ve been invited to go to the emi studios thing in march. but i lived in new york for 10 years, and i do love that city so much, so if i’m ever in town i’ll let everyone know and we can hang out, beatlefest or not.

  19. Lizzie Bravo says:

    dear peter, i can only imagine how hard this day must be for you and your family. thinking of you and sending you hugs and much love.

  20. Nick says:

    Hi Lizzie!
    I work in the New York city. So, if you ever travel to NYC, please let me know.

  21. Lizzie Bravo says:

    sure thing, nick, i will.

  22. Aeolian Cadence says:

    Sending out what light and encouragement I can to all who are touched by the sadness of absent loved ones today.

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