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13 Responses to “DECEMBER 1980 – APRIL 1981 BY ANNIE LEIBOVITZ:”

  1. james says:

    That looks like tears on yokos face, its my personal belief that she really loved him but was very worried about him..and this shows it to me, perhaps it was the state of the marriage..up and down, but ultimately she really did love him and this might have been her chance to express that in an image for thr camera, they were a veryt intuiative couple and I think she knew there was trouble ahead. Just my thoughts but it might be the case.

  2. Lizzie Bravo says:

    James, from what I understand the photo of Yoko is from April 1981, months after John was killed. And Greg, what a coincidence, yesterday I spent a while looking at the album cover with photos from that day, like this top one you posted. I kept looking at his beautiful face and thinking how could he possibly imagine that would be the last day of his life. Did you ever hear the interview he gave that day? It’s great and heartbreaking at the same time. I know it’s 30 years but it’s still so very sad and it still hurts.

  3. Brian says:

    These are quite hard going…

    I’ve always wondered if John was just blinking in that photo, or if it was a deliberate pose?

  4. Ishie says:

    I’ve listened to & read several of the interviews John & Yoko gave around the release of “Double Fantasy” and individually & as a couple they were hopeful & excited about the future. He seemed to be experiencing a metamorphosis of sorts. He jumped over all of the old hurdles, there were no barriers in his way and he was ready to begin again. Listening to John in the interviews one can sense John’s joy was palpable and that’s what adds to the tragedy of his passing.

  5. Rolo says:

    Do you have the image of john in higher resolution?…would be great to have that!.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for these. <3

  7. Tammy says:

    Hi Lizzie, yes i have heard the RKO interview from the last day, in fact i have the raw tape, it continues running after the interview is over, now THAT’S a hard listen, John and Yoko continue talking to the radio people, you hear John trying to give an autograph but the pen wont write, they accept a gift of a robot for Sean .. then you hear the phone ring and Yoko say ‘Is the car ready?’, these were literally John’s last recorded words.

  8. Lizzie Bravo says:

    I’ve never heard the full tape, Tammy. Did I ever tell you I know the limo driver that was working for the reporters from RKO? He waited for them outside the Dakota and talked to a few fans, including MC. John and Yoko came down with the reporters and John asked him if he could take him and Yoko somewhere. He gave him copies of Double Fantasy. This guy is Brazilian and a HUGE Beatle fan, he was so excited to have John in his car. When I come across the transcript from the interview he gave me, I will write it for you. He was totally devastated when he heard later on that John had been killed. And ever worse when he saw the photo of the killer the next morning, and recognized him. He said he wishes he could have done something.

  9. Tammy says:

    Far out Lizzie!! .. wow, imagine how the guy must have felt ..

    I’d love to see that interview if you can find it.

    Greg xoxo

  10. Lizzie Bravo says:

    Of course, Greg! I am sorting through every little bit and piece of Beatle stuff I have to make sure I didn’t forget to scan anything for the book, and I just saw that interview – will look for it today. It pours in Rio de Janeiro! xoxo

  11. LUIS ENRIQUE says:

    hi there lizzie
    are you One of the Beatle fans who sang background vocals on across the Univers?
    nice if you tell us about it.

  12. Xian says:

    I do not think I have rights to say anything about people I have not known directly, but I can hardly hold back a grin looking at the picture of Yoko and knowing that she was already seeing someone else. I often get the impression that she recites easily (and bad) in front of reporters.

  13. Tammy says:

    Who she was seeing was a platonic companion, Sam Havadtoy. Yoko was asked about this in recent years, and she confirmed the relationship was only ever platonic, i guess at the time there weren’t too many people she could trust (that was proven) Sam stayed by her and Seans side in NY until the early 00’s when he moved back to Hungary.

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