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  1. Lizzie says:


  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Baby’s In Black is the best country/western ever written…
    They’re gonna put me in The Beatles
    They’re gonna make Buck Owen’s outta me
    We’ll sing a song by Lennon And McCartney
    and no one needs to ACT…(naturally)
    (And, though it’s only a whim…
    I think of THEM)

    I’m a Carte Blanche Platinum Card…and ‘JPGR’ is my pin number
    (tee hee hee haw)

  3. Keith Bratley says:

    It might also be Ticket to Ride that they are performing at the same mic.

  4. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Italy June 1965 – Milano, I think

  5. Jorge says:

    A car comes thru again!

  6. ‘Microphones the Beatles have known and loved’ now there is a book I’d like to see.

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    @Tammy: Dutchess of Oven…
    Such a book would have a centerfold of a Neumann U47 or U48(or both) next to an ashtray full of spent butts and a plate of half eaten egg and chips…
    (When FAME finds you…time to run)

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    To clarify my last comment:
    Smoke and food aren’t good for microphone longevity…
    (yet, a huge percentage of pictures showing the group recording also feature food, drink, smoke, etc very near the Neumanns)…were all artists allowed this privilege? Neumann microphones cost a fortune and all of the ones used by The Beatles were already in the building at 3 Abbey Road the first time they ever entered the building.
    Aint that pellicleuliar?

  9. GLCompany says:

    Yeah, must be Milan, June 24 1965 at the Velodromo Vigorelli.
    see more:

  10. I remember on the 48 Hours special on Macca in 1990 they interviewed Paul’s roadie as he brushed his microphone with Listerine, so it wouldn’t get stinky :-)

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