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5 Responses to “DARK HORSE TOUR:”

  1. Chris says:

    I really wished I got to see George on this tour. I BEGGED MY PARENTS TO GET ME A TICKET!!!

  2. Michael says:

    Great picture. I saw George in Philly on the Dark Horse tour. Billy Preston’s songs out front were fantastic. Lots of dancing around, much to George’s delight!

  3. alex of bronx says:

    Saw George at Nassau Colessium on this Dark Horse Tour and honestly he was not at his best. Billy Preston , Ravi Shanker and Tom Scott were all great but George was not on top of his game. He had a bad attitude also. At least I got to see him. Even a bad George was better then no George.
    I really wished he toured in his later years before he got sick. Looking back with getting stabbed in his home you can understand him being turned off by the whole scene. He seemed happy when he was a Wilbury though.

  4. Pete F. says:

    Great picture! I saw him in Montreal and he was in good spirits & looked like he was having a fine time. I remember his voice was a bit ragged but I think he made an honest effort to do a good show. The bit with Billy Preston was a highlight.

  5. beatle55 says:

    i saw him in toronto and the music was great, but his voice was shot and it seemed that he was yelling the words instead of singing them. just listen to some of the performances on u -tube. love, a friend.

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