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3 Responses to “CROSSING:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Flat Top doesn’t look too happy. Are the last ten years flashing through his mind like a movie that is suddenly ending. Is it too late to reconsider? Was this a moment of liberation, peace, optimism…or was it one of second thoughts, sadness, isolation?
    Come together…fall apart…
    as quickly as it ended…
    it had begun…right now
    over me!

  2. mcarp555 says:

    Probably “I hope the bloody cars stop!”

    I was at Abbey Road about two weeks ago, and it’s chaos. How someone doesn’t get killed there, I have no idea.

  3. Pete F. says:

    @mcarp… Keep in mind Abbey Road was just another crossing before ‘that’ picture. Safe as milk. But nowadays it’s madness I agree. Folks cross without looking, others block traffic while they strike a pose. Must drive the locals crazy!

    Nice pic. Is that a cropped version of a Linda photograph?

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